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Create Your Own Professional Website... on a shoe-string


Here are 4 resources you can use to create your own website on a shoe-string:

  • Website Templates

  • Website Template Customisation

  • Online Website Builder

  • Website Creation Coaching Videos

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Domain Registration & Value For Money Web Hosting


To save you the time of shopping around and comparing prices (and reliability!), would you like to know who we use?


Click Here to find out or right click the image below and select "Save Target As" to download my Website Startup QuickStart Guide:






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e-Commerce Solutions / Shopping Cart


This is the system used by many of the world's internet marketing professionals. It's also the shopping cart which we use, albeit that we use a licensee. This version here has the free 30 day trial!

This is not just a shopping cart, but can handle your auto-responders, bulk emailing, and affiliate tracking. Features according to plan chosen. Take a Free 30 Day Test Drive and check out the features for yourself.




Make Your Website Sell - Response Boosting Design Tricks

  Make Your Website Sell - Response Boosting Design Tricks

In "Inner Circles" this man needs no introduction. However most of you might not have heard of him.

Dave Mizrachi is one of the elite direct response web designers in the business. The difference between him and 99% of other web designers is he creates websites with one purpose in mind - to sell and make money!

Dave's client list includes Armand Morin, Alex Mondossain, Lee Benson, Jim Daniels, Brian Keith Voiles including customer referrals from John Reese and Michael Fortin...

Yes all the guys mentioned above are the best in the business.

However... you can't hire Dave to work for you anymore. He's stopped taking on new clients! But there still is a way to learn the secret "response boosting design tricks" Dave uses to create insanely profitable websites.

The best part is these design tricks take minutes to implement, but can increase your sales by as as much 700%!

Introducing to you the "Make My Website Sell" Audio Teleseminar Package

Consisting of a 2 hour Interview with Dave Mizrachi conducted on the 15th March 2006, Dave tells you how to create websites that really sell (As much as $1.2 million in 7 days) , with full transcripts and a "fill in the blanks" work book.

Learn the exact methods Internet Guru's use to rake in fortunes online with their websites.


Click Here To Learn How To Make Your Website Sell




Peel Away Ads - Currently Only $17

  Peel Away Ads

The third generation in onsite advertising technology. Peel Away Ads can be used in place of popups. Instead of potentially annoying a percentage of your website visitors with a popup, a peel ad simply displays a small page curl in on of the corners of a webpage.

See an example in the top left hand corner on the Peel Away Ads site. These small page curls entice a response from many visitors to your page who will be curious enough to place their mouse pointer up to the page curl.

Doing so causes half the page to peel back and reveal whatever ad, or message, or offer that you want your visitor to see. When they click the ad, you can set it to either navigate them to the destination webpage, or to open a new browser to the destination page of your choosing.

Page peel ads are highly effective and are used by many large corporate advertisers, but are now available to even budget conscious webmasters via the Peel Away Ads package. They are easy to implement, but also come with step-by-step tutorial videos to show you how to install them, as well as full help-desk tech support should you need it.


Click Here To Learn About Peel Away Ads




Impact PopUp - with Fly-In Ads Creator & $667 in Bonuses!


Fulfill all your attention generator popup needs with Impact Popup and Fly-In Ad Creator. Both applications create unblockable popups (see the homepage for an example)


- Impact Popup creates static popups

- Fly-In Ad Creator creates dynamic Slide-In or Hover-Ads


Both are fully customizable, and the Fly-In Ad Creator allows you to import and use your own images. Both are included here with Master Resale Rights, as well as a host of other bonuses including:

  • 4 Top Selling Internet Marketing Books by Michael Rasmussen

  • The Web Audio Plus application with Master Resale Rights which allows you to add streaming audio to your webpages

  • Joe Cooper's Niche Profits Course

  • An eBook on how to use ghost-writers, or freelance writers, to write ebooks for you - comes with Private Label & Master Resale rights

  • The "Building Your Own AdSense Empire" ebook - with Private Label & Master Resale rights; and

  • Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi's "AdSense Revenue Exposed" - with Master Resale Rights

Click Here for the full details on the Impact Popup package





Profit From The Public Domain


If you ever wanted to start your own business for the lowest possible cost and achieve the highest possible profits, then you owe it to yourself to investigate re-packaging and re-publishing public domain information.

The 'Public Domain' simply refers to creative works such as books, movies, music, photographs and drawings which are not, or are no longer, protected under copyright law. The range and volume of works which exist in the public domain is astounding. The opportunities to repackage and republish these materials for profit are endless!

Discover the incredibly low-risk and extremely profitable world of creating businesses from scratch using recently expired copyrighted works that are now in the public domain.


Click Here to Learn More about the Public Domain Goldmine





Up to 75% Off - Special Offer on Michael Rasmussen eBooks


This package comprises Michael Rasmussen's:


- eBook Marketing Revealed

- eZine Marketing Magic

- How To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Internet Membership Website

- Search Engines Revealed


Sold individually or all together for 75% off


Michael Rasmussen's Ebook Marketing RevealedMichael Rasmussen's Ezine Marketing MagicMichael Rasmussen's How to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Membership WebsiteMichael Rasmussen's Search Engines Revealed


Click Here for the details on the Michael Rasmussen ebook package





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Corey Rudl & Derek Gehl's:
Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet


The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet is the no.1 best-selling Internet marketing course online.


It contains the tested and proven principles that Canadian entrepreneur Corey Rudl personally used to build his one-man business into a $6.6 million enterprise -- on a shoestring budget. And it’s all carefully organised into a step-by-step system. Corey claims that if you use his techniques, you won't need start-up capital and you won't need to be a technical expert.


With one small office and 11 employees, Corey's four online businesses exceeded USD $6.6 million last year in gross revenue, even more than Microsoft makes on a per employee basis -- and unthinkable to most offline businesses. Corey mentored his good friend Derek Gehl on his techniques, and Derek now runs Corey's company.

Learn more about the Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet





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The Secrets to Their Success


The Secrets to Their Success website is a valuable resource for both existing website owners as well as those thinking about starting an online business and wanting to know how to take advantage of and market your field of knowledge, or simply for those looking for inspiration as to what idea you can apply to start an online business.

It provides examples of real people making real money and the step-by-step details of the exact strategies they have used to generate incomes in excess of $100,000 to $600,000 online every year... most of them working from home!


Learn more about The Secrets to Their Success Website





Email Marketing and Email List Management Tools


If you have a database of names which you send a newsletter or market to, the following tools will assist you:

  • The Email Marketing eBook

  • The Mailloop Email Management Software

We have summarised the features of these 2 tools for you on one page:

Click here to learn more




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Auto-Responder, List Management and Bulk Emailing Service


This system is used by many of the world's top internet marketing professionals. We use this as well. There are different plan levels which include different features. One of these plan levels allows you to make use solely of the list management, auto-responder, and bulk mailing facility that this system offers. Take a Free 30 Day Test Drive and check it out for yourself.





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Corey Rudl's London Videos


This is the video set of a recently recorded seminar conducted by Corey Rudl in London.


In the seminar, Corey covers:

  • The enormous shift that the Net is about to experience in the next 5 years... and how you can easily profit from it

  • Why people come online to research (not to buy) and how you can profit from this little known secret!

  • How to make $10,000+ p/mth by turning your service into a product

  • Actual case studies of home-based entrepreneurs who earn $10,000+ per month working 1-2 hours per day; plus much, much more...

Learn more about the Corey Rudl London Videos




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The AssocTRAC Affiliate Tracking Software


Affiliate marketing (also referred to as a Reseller or Associate Program), simply involves allowing other people to promote your product or service in exchange for a small commission each time a sale is recorded. They need only display an affiliate link to your website - visitors clicking on the link will be taken to your website and any purchase made is automatically recorded as coming from the referee... providing you have the right software to track it!


If you want to develop an army of affiliates that only get paid when they make a sale for you, you had better have software that is GUARANTEED to track every visitor your affiliate sends you... no questions asked!

Learn more about the AssocTRAC Affiliate Tracking Software





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The eBook Pro Internet Publishing Solution


Publishing a book or information guide on the internet can be a great money earner - but it is fraught with one big danger - the risk that someone will copy and redistribute the fruit of your hard labour!!

This risk can be largely overcome with the right publishing tool... and that's where the eBook Pro comes in.

eBook Pro is a publishing solution that enables you to package your text, HTML, Flash, audio/video etc.. into secure eBook software that not only protects, but also collects contact information you can use to market your products or service.

To learn more about how to make your information burglar-proof, so that it can't be stolen and resold by others, go to the eBook Pro website