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The Psychology of Winning

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Dr. Denis Waitley's "The Psychology of Winning"

Dr. Denis Waitley is one of the world's foremost personal development and motivational teachers. His flagship book, The Psychology of Winning brings you a remarkable set of strategies that can change your life dramatically.

There is often only a small difference between the top leaders in every field and those who merely "do well". In The Psychology Of Winning, Denis Waitley offers simple, yet profound principles of thought and healthy behaviour that guide men and women to the top in every field of endeavour... principles that will help give you the winning edge in every situation.

Being a winner is an attitude, a way of life, and a self-concept. It's a heads-up, full-speed-ahead way of living and being. It's an expectation of success that you can master with your personal coach, Denis Waitley. In this book, Denis Waitley will show you how to:

  • Transform your high expectations into real outcomes

  • Concentrate on your desires and the rewards of success, instead of fear and failure

  • Visualise and act out winning situations to guarantee your success

The Psychology Of Winning is your opportunity to learn to think, behave and perform as a total winner every day of your life. 





Seeds of Greatness

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Dr. Denis Waitley's "Seeds of Greatness"

Denis Waitley has learned one consistent principle from his years of working with the most successful and highly motivated people in the world, from top executives, Olympic athletes, to scientists and former prisoners of war: total success is an ongoing process that is cultivated, nourished and shared.

In every human being - in You - are the seeds of greatness... your unlimited potential for excellence. Denis Waitley, best selling author and internationally known authority on personal development, has discovered 10 simple but profound secrets for living a fruitful, happy, and successful life.

These 10 basic truths will help you to discover, nurture and actualise your real resources - to do exactly what you want to do with your life. Denis Waitley wants you to recognise the Seeds of Greatness within you - and to make them grow with 10 specific strategies that will unfold a new and exciting future.





New Dynamics of Winning

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Dr. Denis Waitley's "New Dynamics of Winning"

Recognised as an authority on high-level achievement, Denis Waitley has helped millions throughout the world realise their potential - and become winners.

In The New Dynamics of Winning, Waitley explains, for the first time ever, the amazing similarities in the mental strategies of business champions and sports champions. Teaching by example, he evokes sports winners including Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Greg LeMond, Gail Devers, Mary Lou Retton, and Bill Toomey, and compares them to winners in other fields like Carol Moseley Braun, Bill Gates, Meryl Streep, and Ray Kroc.

Drawing on the latest scientific breakthroughs in sports psychology, Denis Waitley shows how anyone can acquire a championship profile for business and life by learning seven rules for winners, the five most prevalent self-destructive beliefs, the secret of mental toughness, how to use stress to your advantage, and much, much more!

You already have the potential to live your dreams. By the time you finish this book, you'll have practical mental skills to achieve peak performance in every situation you encounter in your personal and professional life.





Empires of the Mind

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Dr. Denis Waitley's "Empires of the Mind"

Empires of the Mind is a revolutionary book that explains why standard management practices, job descriptions, and career tracks are obsolete. In order to succeed, individuals, at every level, must re-invent themselves as their companies and institutions restructure the way they function.

While there are many current theories on organisational management and team productivity, there is a scarcity of wisdom to help each of us adapt and thrive as we ride the tumultuous wave of societal change. Empires of the Mind is the first book ever to offer answers to men and women interested in "re-engineering" themselves as well as their corporations. 

The Joy of Working

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Dr. Denis Waitley's "The Joy of Working"

Dr. Denis Waitley's The Joy of Working is a practical, down-to-earth guide that gives you a step-by-step, day-by-day unique 30-point program to teach you how to take stock of your talents, avoid routine, take on greater challenges, and come to understand the true joy of working. 

Now everyone, from secretaries to CEOs, from house painters to housewives, can learn to mix business with pleasure and make your work a labor of love.




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