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  Aust Guide to Property Lease-Options

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Rick Otton

Rick Otton has a very special offer for the
Financially Free.com.au community.


Please find Rick's message below.



From Rick Otton:


Rick Otton - Mr Positive Cashflow
Would you like positive cash flow from your real estate without the long learning curve and costly mistakes?

Are you frustrated with your attempts to find a steady source of profitable properties that are cash flow positive, and worthwhile?

Have you been caught with "Negative Gearing" which takes money from your pocket daily and keeps you in the poor house.?

Over the past decade I’ve developed a practical step-by-step real estate system which creates positive cash flow income which my company uses today. I tried the old way... buying houses, putting in tenants, only to find...

  • I ran out of cash to keep the system going
  • The negative gearing stopped my travelling
  • I couldn't fix toilets
  • Tenants didn't love my property
  • I couldn't live on tax deductions!
  • ...and landlording drove me nuts!

    In fact the more houses I bought, so I could eventually leave my job..... the more I needed my job!

    In solving my dilemma, I discovered one of the best business opportunities, and it's so simple. My business, recently featured on T.V.'s "Today Tonight" program, simply solves people's problems when it comes to housing..

    How does it Work?

    First, I buy a house using a mixture of vendor/seller, private investor or bank funds with little or no money from my own pocket. I can show you how to do this, as it is a skill all of us should learn.

    I don’t renovate anything. Whilst others spend their life energy trying to learn the renovating business, I prefer to make a gain...not endure pain... so these houses are in good condition or renovated by others or their contractors...

    Next, I market the house allowing buyers to make monthly payments direct to me instead of a bank. Soon, many will refinance with a mainstream lender so I can buy more properties or build long-term passive income streams. These income streams create a desirable lifestyle ......

    How do I find the house sellers? My step-by-step positve cash flow course The Wrap Pack shows you how to do this in a practical easy way so you too can create a steady stream of buyers calling you. The course comes complete with everything, including all state specific contracts, forms and written scripts to use.

    Like to know more? Discover how ...

  • To make properties create cash flow from Day 1
  • Others have found the system works for them
  • To use sellers and private lenders for funding
  • Our system does all the work ...so you don't!
  • To buy properties at big discounts
  • Our system works: Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Adelaide Perth Hobart Canberra in fact anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and almost anywhere in the world!

    For a limited time only, I am offering Financially Free.com.au readers the opportunity to receive a FREE Positive Cash Flow CD-Rom so that you can experience first hand all the ways to creating positive cash flow from DAY1. I am offering this for a limited time only due to the product, postage and packaging costs which I am incurring in making this offer to you, so act now. You can submit your request details in the form at the bottom of this page. 

     FREE Positive Cash Flow CD Rom
    Free CD Rom


    Start collecting your positive cashflow today!

    Rick Otton

    P.S. Does my system really work?....you tell me

    Sent: Friday, 26 May
    To: "Rick Otton"
    Subject: Thank You


    Just want to let you know that my first wrap sale went through today. I do not know who is excited more... my wife and I or the new buyers... they are so grateful for the opportunity of buying their first home.

    I have calculated that we will make about $8,000 cashflow per year and a back end profit of $30,000 after year two(2) at which point I will be in the position to get our buyer refinanced. Not a bad result considering I only invested $2,000 or so in the Wrap Pack. To us, the wrap pack is an A to Z guide from beginning to end. We have carefully followed it at every stage of the deal from buying to selling and found it to be an excellent resource in assisting us to achieve our goals.

    Thank you again for all the advice you gave on the phone over the last couple of months. In particular, I will not forget the time you rang me while you were in New Zealand to help me close the deal. Your advice is priceless.

    What is even more exciting is that my broker has already got me pre-approval to buy the next house !

    Thank you again Rick.

    Wayne Crews-Sydney


    Submit your details below and Rick will forward to you a copy of his
    Free Positive Cash Flow CD-Rom.


    Update 23-Nov-2010: Rick Otton's Free Positive Cashflow CD has now been replaced by his Fast Property Training program.


    *New* Rick Otton's
    ast Property Training »
    Click Here For Details

      Aust Guide to Property Lease-Options

    The Aust Guide To Lease Options »
    Free With Purchases of Rick Otton's Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ via FinanciallyFree.com.au: Value $77


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