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INSIDER Real Estate Secrets And Investing Tips That Can Make You A Fortune In Property PLUS Increase Your INCOME At The Same Time. . . 100% Guaranteed!

( . . Even If You Are An Average Person With No Previous Investing Experience . . . )



Hans Jakobi's Super Secrets® to Real Estate Wealth


Hans Jakobi Real Estate Secrets

Hans Jakobi's Super Secrets® to Real Estate Wealth is a comprehensive Do-It-Yourself Home Study Course on Australian Positive Cashflow Real Estate Investment. Through his course, Hans Jakobi teaches you how to safely create a fortune in real estate and walk away from your job forever because your properties generate more cash for you than your job.

Hans emphasises the need to do your homework before you invest so that you can make better investment decisions and do not end up as 'shark bait'. The Super Secrets® to Real Estate Wealth home study course does exactly that by providing you with Hans' "Cookie Cutter" system for property investment and his famous "RTP" - the Rent To Purchase Price formula he uses when evaluating real estate investments.





About Hans Jakobi

Hans Jakobi


Hi, my name is Hans Jakobi. If you have even a remote interest in becoming wealthy through real estate, you have probably heard my name, read my books or seen me interviewed on television. If not, let me refresh your memory.


Over 150,000 people around the world have read my book "How To Be Rich & Happy On Your Income". Some of my other best selling books and materials include:

    • Super Secrets® To Real Estate Wealth

    • Twelve Secrets To Wealth

    • Financial Freedom... starting now! - An Action Guide

    • Due Diligence Made Simple

    • Cash Cows - How To Create Extra Sources of Income

    • 101 Health, Wealth & Wisdom Tips with Stephen Skelton

    • Health, Wealth & Wisdom In The New Millennium with Stephen Skelton

But what really qualifies me to teach people how to achieve financial freedom through real estate, is the fact that I walk my talk!


I've got more than 28 years of "in the trenches", "hands on" experience in both residential and commercial real estate. My first real estate investment was a $40,000 warehouse in Lavinia Street, Athol Park (Adelaide) when I was in my first job.


After three and a half years, I used this property to leverage into another warehouse which was under construction in Perth. Later on, I bought a warehouse in Melbourne . . .


My first residential investment was a two bedroom unit in Allawah (Sydney) when I was 26 years of age. It cost $33,000 to buy at the time, and I still remember the struggles I had with the bank to get the finance.


I was newly married and they would not take my wife’s income into account in assessing our ability to service the loan because she might get pregnant and not be able to work any more. My family still owns this unit today and it earns us $275 per week in rent. It is now worth close to $400,000!


Thirteen months later, we bought a house because my wife did get pregnant. The people in the units above us, slammed the windows and cupboards closed in the middle of the night in anger when our little girl wouldn’t stop crying and we figured it was time to move.


I’ve owned a studio apartment in a high rise building in Sydney, land, warehouses, houses, town houses and villas in NSW, SA, WA and Queensland and I’ve researched the real estate market in Canada, the USA and New Zealand. At the moment, I choose to invest mostly in NSW and Queensland.


Because of the range of properties I’ve owned in various states over the years I know lots of the pitfalls and benefits of owning certain types of properties. All have their good points and all can have challenges if you don’t know how to manage them well.


I know this from personal experience, - not because I learnt it at a seminar somewhere.


Even though I’m not a developer, I’ve been closely involved in building and renovating several houses and factories. I’ve probably had a more diverse exposure to real estate both in Australia and overseas than many other property gurus around these days.


I am Known As "Australia’s Wealth Coach®" Because I Teach Ordinary People - Like You and I - How To Take Control Of Their Finances and Create Wealth.


What sets me apart from most other financial educators is that I do NOT have a vested interest in your investment decisions. In other words, I am independent and do not stand to profit from your investment choices.


I am proud of my long-held reputation for independence and honesty. I don't sell real estate or shares. Therefore I don't stand to earn any commissions or kickbacks from what I teach.


(There are many people claiming to provide investment education when in reality they are running seminars as a spruiking tool for their wares. Don't be fooled by these people!)


My mission is to teach ordinary people how to take control of their finances and build wealth. I believe that YOU are the only person you should trust with your money and therefore I suggest that you should learn as much as possible about managing your money and making it grow.


The idea is to make the transition from working for money to having your money working for you so that it supports the lifestyle of your choice.


Some seminar presenters seek to impress you with fancy cars, expensive watches, toys and claims of instant millions. Who knows if they actually own these things or whether they are on lease, rented or highly geared? These things are…


Not a Real Measure Of True Wealth In My Books!


Therefore you will notice that I don’t play that game. I drive a 4WD farm ute (pick up truck) with genuine cow manure on it. (No Bull!) Since it’s a work vehicle, it’s even got a few dents and scratches on it. I drive a vehicle to suit my needs, not to impress.


I would rather impress you with what I know and can teach you, than with a whole bunch of worthless toys. I’m more interested in substance than gloss, glitz and glamour.


Apart from financial wealth, I measure true wealth in terms of relationships, health, happiness, your family and your spiritual connection. The time you have available to pursue the things you love to do also ranks highly for me.


You see, most people think that financial independence is all about having lots of money. It’s not! It’s about time.


My mission is: To Live and Teach the Principles of True Wealth.


As such, in addition to addressing the matter of financial wealth I also cover areas such as values, attitudes, belief systems, health, balance, lifestyle and personal choice. I often use the quote: "Rich people are not rich because they have money. They have money because they are rich"


I enjoy life on a 335 acre country estate with my family: I live here - west of Sydney, Australia - and travel the world teaching ordinary people just like you how to manage their money better and create real wealth.


With my books I support people in need throughout the world to achieve a better life and to learn to help themselves.


As an example, I have licensed an organisation in the Philippines to publish my books and the proceeds from these book sales go to support the Foundation for the Rotary Soup Kitchen, Food Bank and Training Centre, Inc. and the Mission for Special Children Foundation, Inc. based in Manila.


I am happily married with three wonderful children. I believe in fun, success, personal happiness, making a difference in our world and discovering and living up to our true potential. Each of us has the seed of greatness within us. Each of us has an incredible power to choose the way we want to live our lives.


On the formal side of things I have a degree in Economics and Accounting and am a chartered accountant by training. I have run several successful businesses and am an established property and shares investor.


Whether you decide to take up our FREE information offer is entirely up to you. It is certain however, that these resources have the potential to help you dramatically improve your financial future.


What you gain from these materials will depend on your own efforts in putting these teachings into practice. If through your efforts we become kindred spirits and friends, so much the better.


I wish you the best of wealth,

Hans Jakobi Signature

Hans Jakobi - Your Wealth Coach®

Would You Like Real Estate Investing Tips
Showing You How To Purchase MULTIPLE Properties
That Actually PUT Cash In Your Pockets,
From The Very 1st Day – GUARANTEED
(Even AFTER Loan Repayments)?

PLUS... would you like to ALSO enjoy phenomenal Capital Gains

with these same properties?



Graham Scott

“Before I started investing, family and friends were very negative.

– Oh don’t do that, don’t do that. You know you’ll burn your hands.

They’re not the people to really listen to even though they love you.

You’ve got to listen to people like Hans that know what they are doing.”

- Graham Scott

Melbourne, Victoria


If your answer is YES, read on...


With the exact same real estate investing strategies and secrets that Hans Jakobi uses, you'll be able to amass a property fortune

  • without ‘renovating’

  • without ‘negative gearing’

  • without ‘buying off the plan’

  • without ‘wrapping’

  • without ‘mezzanine financing’


You'll also be pleased to know this is a genuine, safe and proven method for creating a passive flow of extra income from the properties you have purchased... whether the market is going up OR down!


The best part is... you don’t even need any previous investing experience or prior knowledge.


All Is Revealed In My:
NEW "Real Estate Investing DVD And Special Report" Pack
Normally $29 - Yours FREE!


Hans Jakobi Real Estate Investing Pack


In This FREE "Real Estate Investing DVD And Special Report" Pack
You’ll Find Out About:

  • How to locate an area whose property prices are set to skyrocket!

  • The secret question to ask real estate agents that gets you the hottest deals… before anybody else!

  • How an investor received a $90,000 “cash bonus” from the tax office… and how you can too if you know this insider real estate secret!

  • How to place a deposit on a property… even if you don’t have any savings!

  • The #1 biggest mistake most investors make before signing the contract… and why you MUST avoid it!

  • The no-lose way to buy a property for FREE!

  • How to avoid the biggest mistake when screening a new tenant!

  • The absolute best way to instantly negotiate a lower price from the seller!

  • How I purchase properties sight unseen… and still make a killing every time!

  • A hidden area of the tax code that 60% of investors miss deductions on… and cost themselves thousands of $$$!

  • How to get tenants into your property… without reducing rent!

  Hans Jakobi Real Estate Investing Pack


Mike Creed

“There are a lot of investment strategies and seminars around at the moment. Some of them may be good. Some of them may not be good. You have to form your own opinion. 


My view is that the RTP system is definitely the best one, especially for starting off. It's a very easy, stress free way of going.

- Mike Creed

Melbourne, Victoria


The information on this page has been used by permission and is
Copyright© 2003-2007 Wealth Dynamics International Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.



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