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1. Web-Hosting


Your foremost considerations when selecting a web-host provider are:

- reliability; and

- level of help-desk support.


A lot of web-hosting companies can fail the test in these areas.


Your first question might be "Who do we use for web-hosting?". We use a Melbourne based company called Hosting Bay. We have found them to provide great service, be great value for money and extremely reliable. They have plans starting from Au$3.97 p/mth (or Au$40 p/yr), and provide hosting packages on both Unix and Windows servers, in addition to providing Dedicated Hosting services (i.e. your own server managed for you). Click on the banner below to visit their homepage:





If you have a large website with lots of traffic, HostGator are great value for money and packed with features. These guys are U.S. based (Florida). Their "Baby Gator" plan currently offers unlimited disk space on a Linux server, with cPanel for $7.95 p/mth. The cPanel includes AWStats, MySQL databses, Cron Jobs, and UNLIMITED 'Addon' Domain Names per account. This means you can host an unlimited number of websites. Click Here for more info on HostGator.




2. Domain Registration

There can be a vast difference in pricing between providers when it comes to domain registration, and here it's not really a question of "getting what you pay for" as registering a domain name is a pretty straight forward process.


For Australian .com.au domains, again we use Hosting Bay as they are very reasonable at around at Au$77 for 2yr .com.au domain registration.


For .com domains, we use GoDaddy.com as we find they are the cheapest at about US$7.49 p/domain (US$3.99 p/domain if combined with any of their other services), and they also provide good service. You can also register .com domains with Hosting Bay, but they are a bit dearer at Au$17 p/domain (at the time of writing).


Note: You can register any number of .com domains, but .com.au domains are slightly more restrictive. To register a .com.au domain, you'll need an ABN and your domain name will need to either match your business name, or the requirement is that there be a "close and substantial" relationship between what your business offers and the domain name that you're registering.


You might like to also download my free Website Setup QuickStart Guide. Right click the image below and select "Save Target As" to download it:



Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy.com


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