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Intelyze Technical Analysis  







Intelyze Technical Analysis

The world's most comprehensive guide and education ever for learning and using technical analysis.. we'll even guarantee it!


Intelyze Technical Analysis

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With this unique educational course you will learn:

  • The principles of technical analysis

  • Different chart types with an in-depth section for candle sticks charts

  • How to calculate, interpret and use different technical indicators (see the list in the table below)

  • How to use different time frames to fit your analysis, trading and risk preferences

  • How to calculate price targets using technical analysis

  • How to define the values of different indicators to fit each individual security and your trading strategy

  • How to use convergences and divergences as early technical buy and sell signals

  • How to measure the breadth in the market

  • How to identify different price movements

  • How to identify different trends in the market

  • You will learn which indicators can be used when the market is trending and which to use when it is trading sideways

  • About the strength and weaknesses in different technical indicators and how to overcome the weaknesses and use them as trading signals

  • How to define, interpret and use support and resistance

  • How to identify trend lines and channels

  • Different formations and patterns, and their internal importance

  • How to interpret different chart formations, identify a future direction for the price, and calculate price targets

  • and much more..



Indicators covered in depth include.....

       Accumulation Swing Index Introduction to Charts Reverse H and S
Accumulation/Distribution Key Reversal Standard Deviation
Advance/Decline Line Lagging Indicators Stochastic Oscillator
Ascending Triangles Leading Indicators Support Lines
Average True Range Line Charts Swing Index
Bar Charts Linear Regression Lines Symmetrical Triangles
Bollinger Bands MACD Time Series Forecast
Bottom Formations Mass Index Top Formations
Candlestick Charts McClellan Oscillator Trade Volume Index
Candlesticks Median Price Trading Strategies
Chaikin Oscillator Momentum Trend Lines
Commodity Channel Money Flow Index TRIX
Correlation Analysis Moving Averages Typical Price
Descending Triangles Negative Volume Index Ultimate Oscillator
Detrended Price Oscillator On Balance Volume Using Indicators
Directional Movement Overbought/Oversold Vertical Horizontal Filter
Dot Charts Parabolic SAR Volume
Double Bottoms Pennants Chart Types Volume Oscillator
Double Tops Positive Volume Index Volume Rate-of-Change
Ease of Movement Price and Volume Trend Wedges
Envelopes Price Channels Weighted Close
Equivolume Price Oscillator Williams’ %R
Equivolume Charts Price Rate-of-Change Williams’ Acc/Dist
Flags Rectangles Zig Zag Patterns
Head and Shoulders Relative Strength Index



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Intelyze Technical Analysis

For a Limited Time,
we are offering
InTeLyze® at
$130 off RRP


Intelyze Technical Analysis