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Intelyze Technical Analysis  






Intelyze Technical Analysis

The world's most comprehensive guide and education ever for learning and using technical analysis.. we'll even guarantee it!




As at August 2009, we have organised to source a digital download only version of InTeLyze for the reduced price of US$169 / approx. A$217 for a limited time. This is a US$120 discount off what the program creator is selling it for (RRP is US$289). Speak to your tax advisor, but this would likely be tax deductible if you derive income from stock investing.



To further sweeten the deal, we're offering an additional $97 in free bonuses on all InTeLyze orders placed before this coming :




The breadth, depth, and amount of information contained in this course makes this an absolute bargain when compared with anything else on the market. Best of all, you can obtain your own copy completely RISK FREE...




Your "Buy It, Try It, And Send It Back If You Don't Like It" Guarantee*

*applies only to the physical CD version as we do not process the

payment or provide the support for the download only version



  1. Buy it

  2. Try it

  3. If you don't like it, send it back within 30 days for a full refund



Our guarantee is very simple. We are so confident that InTeLyzeŽ is the world's most comprehensive guide and education ever for learning and using technical analysis that we are putting our money where our mouth is.


Order the program today, try it out, run through a few lessons and learn a little technical analysis and if you are not 100% satisfied return your unregistered CD within 30 days for a 100% no questions asked refund.


You have one whole month from the time you receive your CD to make up your mind.


The guarantee is unconditional providing you don't register your CD (i.e. don't like the font colour, send it back).


The most you have at risk is the $20.00 or so it will cost you to send it back by registered post.


It doesn't get any easier than that. The worst case scenario is that it costs you to ship it back - but you'll most likely learn something new about an indicator (or perhaps a whole subject?) you knew nothing about before.



There are 2 Options To Place Your Order



InTeLyze Software & License Key Version 2.4

* On Special - Best Price Option *

* Instant Download *

Available to Purchasers in All Countries. Payment Can Be Made In Any Currency

AustraliaUnited KingdomIndia

United StatesCanadaEuropean Union

Order The InTeLyze Download Version





We apologise but we are not presently selling the CD Version

Australian Purchasers, please
use the A$ purchase option


Order InTeLyze in A$ via PayPal



Order Option 1: After purchase, email us a copy of your share*it email receipt to

so we can send you the download page for the $97 in bonus items (your InTeLyze software itself is delivered instantly by download from share*it when you place your order).

Order Option 2: Your course CD will be shipped to you directly from the Florida, USA based distributor. Depending on where you live, please allow up to 21 days for delivery.


Every one using InTeLyze says: "I'm impressed".

"InTeLyzeŽ is a very good educational product for technical analysis. There are many practical and visual examples and a good structure. With InTeLyzeŽ you can easily understand how different indicators work compared to traditional TA-literature. If your goal is to earn money in the stock market, it's better to buy InTeLyzeŽ than TA books, because with InTeLyzeŽ you learn to work with TA in reality".

Christer Veijalainen
Chairman of Association for Technical Analysis


"...the course has legitimacy; InTeLyze tries to cover all aspects of a topic...The production quality is excellent. There are numerous tests that are instructive and carefully thought out...Those familiar with technical analysis will find that narrative not only educates and explains, but is also carefully written to be extremely accurate...This is a product for which tremendous effort was made to make the material easy to listen to, interesting, and useful."

Stocks & Commodities Magazine


Order InTeLyzeŽ Today



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