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"Discover How To Make Money from Real Estate
This Year, Not 5 or 10 years from now...
Even if you have Little or No Money Today,
and Regardless of Whether The Market
is Going Up, Down, or is Flat!"


You are just minutes away from discovering how...




The Australian Guide to Property Lease-Options

Dear Friend,

The cost of purchasing a home and of meeting the associated establishment costs has become a major issue of concern to many first home buyers in Australia.


But this situation also presents us with an opportunity. Every business book on the shelves of your local bookshop will tell you the key to success in business is to find a problem and solve it.


Real estate is a terrific way to build security and create wealth for you and your family. Unfortunately though, I would have to say that the majority of the people I have met are not getting the results they expected - or need, to reach their personal financial goals. What’s more, they often have no idea of how to turn this situation around and take control of their financial future.


It can be somewhat frustrating seeing people just blindly accepting the “buy-and-hold” dogma of real estate investing that is so widely pitched today as if it were the only way to invest. Why is it frustrating? Simply because too many people needlessly throw away years of their lives stuck in their job waiting. Waiting for their properties to start making them money. Waiting for their properties to perform. Waiting for their properties to give them financial freedom, so they can escape the rat race or have sufficient wealth with which to fund their retirement.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that buy and hold doesn’t work. There are plenty of people who eventually make a lot of money investing this way. The problem is, if you are anything like me (pretty impatient), or if you are only a few years off retirement, then you just don’t want to wait that long to start enjoying the kind of lifestyle you really want.


What you need is a method of investing in property that will enable you to rapidly take total control of your financial future. An approach where you will be able to determine for yourself how much money you make from your investments each and every year. A method where your financial potential is not limited by your income, bank manager, current bank balance, and is not dependant on the rate of capital growth occurring in the market.


You see, once you know what to do and how to do it, it is easy to make a substantial income ($100,000+) investing in real estate. What’s more, the best part is that you don’t have to wait years or even one year, to start making money. You can actually begin this journey today.


Things you need to know in order to make a great income from property investing:

  • How to control property using none of your own money

  • Ways to invent money

  • How to get into property deals when the banks won’t give you any more money

  • How to get into property deals even when the banks won’t give you money at all

  • Ways to have tenants asking you to put up their rent

  • Ways to sell a property above market value and still have people queuing up to buy it

  • How to make whatever savings or equity you do have work at its maximum level

  • How to get other people to prepare your clients for you

  • Your exit strategy and how much profit you will make, even before you get into an investment

  • How to increase the sales price of your property and actually generate even more interest than ever before

  • How to sell property quickly and easily

  • How to avoid paying thousands of dollars in commissions every year

  • Structure deals to buy property at up to half the current interest rate, or even below, enabling you to build wealth much faster

  • Methods to get other people to pay for your investments

  • How to turn an investment that is eating you into one that actually feeds you so it is now working for you rather than you working for it

  • How to achieve all of the above, and help other people in the process!


Lease Options will enable you to achieve all of the above


With the right information and a little practice, lease options will enable you to easily achieve all these things. You will now be in the financial drivers seat, not your bank manager, the markets or your boss.


So what is a lease option?



The Basics of Lease Options


If you are already familiar with the basics of lease options click here to skip this section.


Lease options are a fairly straightforward concept to understand. Personally, I think that's a very good thing. Generally, the easier something is to understand the more likely you are to use it, and use it effectively. The benefit of their simplicity is that lease options are not only simple for you to use, but more importantly they are easy for your prospective landlords or tenants to understand and that is important to your business.


So what is an option?


An option is the right, but not the obligation, to execute a transaction within a given period of time. Of course the transaction that we are interested in is the purchase/sale of property. The type of option we will be dealing with is a call option (it is not important to know that this is a call option, I only say this for people who are familiar with stock options). In real estate, the holder of an option has the right, but not the obligation, to purchase a specified property before a given date.


The option will also have a strike price or exercise price. The strike price is the price at which the transaction will take place. So what that means is, if I have an option to buy your house with a strike price of $200,000, I can choose to exercise this option and buy your house for $200,000, or not exercise the option and walk away.


The option will also have an expiry date. The expiry date is when the option to buy will expire and become invalid. How far away the expiry date is will vary from deal to deal and is something to be negotiated between both parties.


So this is all well and good for the option holder, they have the right, but not the obligation, to buy property but what about the other side of the option, the option seller (also called an option writer)? The option seller is in exactly the opposite situation. They are obliged to sell the property at the strike price, if the option is exercised before the expiry date. 


So what do they get out of the deal? The option seller gets to collect the option premium. The premium is an amount of money the buyer is willing to pay for the opportunity to hold the option. How much this premium is will be determined by negotiation between the buyer and seller. Obviously, if you are the buyer, the lower the premium the better, if you are the seller the greater the premium the better.


So that's an option in a nutshell.


What is a lease?


According to Australia's state specific Real Estate Institutes, a lease or tenancy agreement allows a tenant to take 'possession' of a property for a limited period of time on certain conditions including the payment of rent.


The tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract in which both parties agree to abide by the conditions set out in the agreement.


What is a Lease/Option?


A lease option is where the option to buy a property is combined with a lease. This gives the holder of the option the added bonus of being able to occupy or control the property for a period of time before the actual purchase. As suggested, lease options are not too complicated but the ways in which they can be used are quite varied, exciting and very powerful.


What does a “garden variety” lease/option look like?


Let’s say I have a house to sell and you agree to buy it on a lease/option agreement. The negotiated details are as follows. The strike price of the option is $200,000. The premium is $3,000 credited towards the final purchase. The rent is $270/week with $50/week given as credit towards the purchase. The expiry date is 12 months from today.


You as the buyer have two possible courses of action: 


1) Let the option expire and forfeit your $3,000 option premium

2) Exercise your option at the end of the 12 month period and purchase the house for $200,000. However, you have already paid me the $3,000 option premium and gained $2,600 ($50 X 52 weeks) credit toward the purchase. You actually have $5,600 ($3,000 + $2,600) credit toward the purchase. You now need only pay me a further $194,400 ($200,000 - $5,600) to complete the transaction.



You can see that we are not talking rocket science here


I warned you that lease options weren’t that complicated didn’t I. However it is not the lease option itself that is so amazing. It is how it can be used that makes all the difference.


So what are some of the things you can achieve by selling a property using a lease option?

  • Get top dollar for your property

  • No agent’s fees, saving you thousands of dollars each and every deal

  • Instant cash flow

  • Increased cash flow

  • Gain exposure to a much larger pool of customers (renters can now "rent to own"!)

  • Quickly sell your property even when demand is low

  • Maintain control over the sales process

  • Construct a win-win situation

  • Remove the typical adversarial relationship between the seller and buyer

  • Create a tax shelter

  • Remove maintenance and tenant headaches

  • Profit, even if you don’t sell your property


What are some advantages to buying a property using a lease option?

  • No stringent bank qualifying

  • Greater equity build-up. You can increase your equity 50% faster than using conventional bank loans

  • No more Dead Rent

  • Minimal to no deposit

  • Maximum leverage

  • Escape the rental trap

  • Afford a better quality home

  • Occupy your own home sooner

  • Shorter settlement period

  • No major maintenance problems

  • Cash in on capital growth while renting

  • Potentially lower repayments than a regular loan

  • Win-win. A deal can be negotiated where both sides get what they want

  • Try before you buy

  • Sales price is assured. Waiting to save a deposit over the next two years could actually move you backwards in the home ownership game

  • Chance to clear a bad credit rating

  • Forced savings programme

  • Potentially unlimited financing for your real estate investing


As I said earlier, it is easy to make a substantial income ($100,000+) investing in real estate, once you know what to do and how to do it. And that is exactly what the The Australian Guide to Property Lease Options covers.



How to profit no matter what the market is doing


From my experience, I have discovered that most property investors use only one or two methods to make money from real estate. Most commonly this is to buy a property and wait for the market to move up. They then either sell or refinance and buy again. This approach works fine whilst the market is moving up.


The most successful investors I know, know how to make money in any market condition, up, down and sideways markets. Sophisticated investors do not sit on their hands waiting for the market to be like baby bears porridge (just right) before they start to make money. Using Lease-Options you can make money no matter which way the market is moving.


This guide will show you how to profit from real estate in a whole variety of market conditions. You also, have the ability to become a sophisticated investor. You see, these skills are not the exclusive domain of an elite few; anyone with the desire to succeed financially and a willingness to learn a few simple skills can put them to practice and make some great money. The best part is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get this kind of information!


As you study the guide, not only will you develop skills to take control of your financial situation, you will also discover:

  • Who else is using lease options and how

  • Legal tips and tricks to help you get your contracts just right

  • How to sell your property before you even control it, saving you tonnes of time and effort

  • How to protect yourself when buying a property with a lease option

  • What it is about the property market that makes it so perfect for the astute investor

  • What questions you should be discussing with your solicitor

  • How you can reduce or even remove the financial burden of property ownership

  • In detail, the 13 advantages of selling you property using a lease option

  • How to make a profit and still reduce your tax burden

  • The 15 steps you should take before you sell your first property

  • In detail, the 19 advantages of using a lease option to buy a property

  • How to construct a purchase using a lease option in all types of market conditions

  • How you can actually pay way above market rent and still come out miles in front

  • How the “tenants from hell” can actually make you money

  • 5 aggressive strategies to profit from really hot markets

  • The 9 steps you should take before buying your first property with a lease option

  • What a sandwich is – it may not be what you think!

  • The most powerful marketing strategy I have ever learnt... and the best part is that it costs you nothing to implement

  • How to actually get the attention of your target market

  • How to get your tenants to sell your properties for you

  • What to do about “the other guy” doing rent-to-own, nothing-down vendor financing or wraps deals in your area

  • How to deal with frequently asked questions by both tenant buyers and landlord sellers

  • How to approach lease options in a way that will give you maximum results


For investors who are serious about making a great income from lease options, 4 sensational tricks are revealed in the guide to explode your profits, cash flow and your ability to adapt to a variety of market conditions. The value of these 4 tricks are worth many times more than the cost of the guide itself.



Trick #1  Too Good to be true: In this section you will learn how to construct a lease option deal so that your tenants are telling you that they want to increase their rent


Trick #2 "The Renovators Dream": Turn these nightmare properties into money making opportunities without lifting a finger or paying a cent towards renovations.


Trick #3  How to increase the price of your property and still have your tenants more eager to buy than ever before. Better yet, you can actually save yourself some tax in the process.


Trick #4  Halve Your Interest Rate: You will discover how to construct a deal so that in the right market conditions you can actually be paying half the going interest rate or below.


In addition to all this valuable content, there is so much more information that can make a massive difference to your success. There is another huge section in the guide where you will also learn...

  • The 5 things that will stop any deal coming together no matter how good it is

  • Why people really buy property

  • How to not sell a property but help someone buy it

  • How to be one of the best at, what Robert Kiyosaki calls, the “most important specialised skill”

  • 7 myths that surround selling anything

  • The 15 traits to secure your success

  • The 5 most powerful tools of the trade

  • How to greatly increase the power of those 5 tools

  • The 3 things a prospect subconsciously asks themselves while you are actually talking to them

  • The 5 reasons (yes there are only 5) why someone wouldn't accept your offer and 6 simple ways to overcome them

  • The 6 different ways you can get your client to sign on the dotted line

  • The skills to develop your own natural telephone and interview scripts


To help you really assimilate all this information, there are activities for you to complete throughout the whole guide. These have been included so that you can continually check your own understanding. You can give yourself a mini-test of what you have learnt up to any given point. For us, what is important is that you not only have the information but that you can understand it and most importantly put it into practice.


Will & Kath

Hi. My name is Will. I am a property investor from Adelaide.


I've just completed reading the "Aust Guide to Property Lease Options". I found it very informative and very well priced. The format was easy to read and the information was something you could take right away and make money with. I used some of the ideas the same day I read the ebook and received great feedback.


I've certainly got my $$$ worth of value from your guide, and I expect the ideas I have applied from just one section will make me another $10K-$20K. Thank you!

Will Staughton



I recently ordered and read The Aust Guide to Property Lease-Options eBook.


I wasn't actually sure about getting it, as this wasn't one of my investment vehicles. However, reading it opened up my eyes to the numerous other options available to me in my real estate investing.


I had been doing the old buy and hold and looking at moving into wrapping, but this book opened new doors of possibility and opportunity for me. The best part I like about lease-options is the win-win situation I can create to benefit both myself and my option holders, and the fact that it requires little or no capital to get the deals happening. This is a gem of a book. Thank you.


Shaun Miller
Ballajura, WA


To get the kind of information shared in this guide, usually you would have to either spend thousands of dollars for a weekend seminar or hundreds of dollars per hour for one-on-one mentoring. The Australian Guide to Property Lease Options is a fraction of the cost of these alternatives.



How to Make Big Money with Real Estate Options by Jake ToneyWe are also packaging The Australian Guide to Property Lease Options with Jake Toney's "How to Make Big Money with Real Estate Options". Jake sells his eBook on Ebay for US$29.97, but we have acquired a license to enable us to include it for only A$7.


Jake Toney is a former home builder and remodeling contractor who has since made serious money by investing in real estate with options. "How to Make Big Money with Real Estate Options" is specific to the U.S. market and deals with real estate options, not lease-options. However, it includes worthwhile information such as:

  • A formula for calculating an option premium

  • Determining a good option candidate

  • How to conduct proper due diligence

  • How to offer close to full asking price and still make money using options, and

  • A checklist for how to assign an option contract.

Jake also includes five sample contracts in his ebook. Whilst these are U.S. specific, you could use these as a baseline when having your solicitor draft your own Australian state or territory specific lease-option contracts. Providing a guide for your solicitor to work from will be less expensive than asking him/her to draft your contracts from scratch. The sample contracts included are:

i) A Sample Option Contract

ii) A Sample Assignment of Real Estate Option Agreement

iii) A Sample Exercise of Option

iv) A Sample Memorandum of Option Agreement

v) A Sample Letter to Owners of Vacant Property



To sweeten the pot a little further, we are including a further eight additional bonuses as follows:


Nothing Down Real Estate Techniques by Robert G. AllenFree Bonus #1 - "Nothing Down Real Estate Techniques" by Robert G. Allen - Value: $19.95


For the past 25 years, Robert Allen has been the most widely recognised expert and a best selling author on the subject of creative real estate investing. This 63 page ebook covers his "Nothing Down System", split into ten chapters:

1. The Seller
2. The Buyer
3. The Realtor
4. The Renters
5. The Property
6. Hard-Money Lenders
7. Underlying Mortgages
8. Investors
9. Partners
10. Options


$0 to a $1,000,000 on $49 a month by Robert G. AllenFree Bonus #2 - "Zero to a Million Dollars on $49 a month" by Robert G. Allen - Value: $19.95


In this ebook, Robert Allen provides us with some gems of wisdom on creating wealth, success, and peace of mind.


Robert states that being effective financially is not necessarily a function of how hard one tries, or how intelligent or knowledgeable a person is. Rather it consists of doing rather simple things correctly.


These fundamental things, the correct principles and strategies associated with creating wealth, are covered in this program. They are easy to learn, and they have to be learned if we are to have any hope of being effective and successful in our lives.




Ron LeGrand on Real Estate WealthFree Bonus #3 - Ron LeGrand discusses building Real Estate Wealth - Value: $17


Ron LeGrand has bought and sold over 1500 houses and has created millionaires all over the U.S. and Canada by imparting his proven techniques to others who have followed in his footsteps.


This ebook is a compilation of nine different articles written by Ron. Topics include:

  • Nine steps to improve your closing ratio

  • Getting out of your comfort zone

  • The power within

  • Selling houses fast - part 1

  • Selling houses fast - part 2

  • When to look a gift-horse in the mouth

  • Magic words that make millions



Free Bonuses #4 through #8 - Value: Over $200


Here, we have packaged up a further collection of ebooks, as well as some personal finance software, which we are also including free of charge to purchasers of the Australian Guide to Property Lease Options.


Click the button below for an overview of bonuses #4 through #8





100% Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


You can order the Australian Guide to Property Lease-Options entirely at our risk. This package comes with a.... No Risk, 60 day, 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. There is absolutely NO RISK on your part with our Guarantee.  Order this material today... read it, use it... if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, just let us know within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price within 72 hours. No questions asked. You simply can't lose.


Why are we prepared to offer an unconditional refund? Quite simply, because we know that this information is of such high quality that you aren't  going to need our guarantee. We designed this guarantee for the 99% of people who are honest, but naturally cautious -- not the 1% who'll take advantage of us. But if you choose to request a refund for any reason whatsoever, you are covered. No questions asked.



Order Details


You can take control of your financial future now by ordering your own copy of The Australian Guide to Property Lease Options.


The Australian Guide to Property Lease Options ($70), coupled with Jake Toney's How to Make Big Money with Real Estate Options ($7), can be downloaded immediately in eBook format for just A$77 inc GST. You can print out the eBooks at your home or office.


I think you will agree that this is a great bargain for this type of education. The Australian Guide to Property Lease Options is a fraction of the cost of the US courses which deal with lease option real estate investing, and more importantly, is specific to the Australian market.


Even if you only ever sell one property using a lease option you will save over 100 times this amount in real estate agents commissions alone.


We have also recently added the following three sections to the end of the ebook. You can print them out and keep them even if you return the course.


#1. Classified ads: We include 8 winning sample classified advertisements to get you off and flying. These ads are for selling your lease options and to help you find them. Place one of them in the local paper for just $25 and you can immediately find out how popular one of your deals will be. This would have to be the cheapest, easiest way to do your market research ever.


#2. Display Ads: For when you are ready to really accelerate your business, these display ads won't be missed. With these are included 16 eye catching headlines to make sure you attract the right clients.


#3. Equity Accumulation Tables: This is an incredibly powerful tool when dealing with tenant buyers. It is designed to clearly show them how they can accumulate equity 50% faster than with a regular home loan. Three demonstration tables are included that should convince any tenant to never rent again!


The price of this guide is a painless drop in the bucket - nothing compared to the money you would forfeit without this property investing know-how. You really cannot afford not to invest in this guide.



Select One of the 2 Options Below to Place Your Risk Free Order


1. Click the button above to order online via PayPal

This allows you to download the guide straight away from the order confirmation page and start reading it within 5 minutes.


2. Click here for a Postal Order form and details on how to pay by personal cheque, AustPost money order, or bank cheque.

Guide to Property Lease Options

Note: This eBook is a revision and re-release of "The Australian Lease-Option Handbook".
If you already have the former eBook, there's no need to order this publication. This publication is an instant download. It is not physically shipped.



I hope that you are able to recognise the opportunity that investing in property using lease-options presents. You can help solve a problem for many Australians, help them into their first home, whilst at the same time creating a profitable positive cashflow for yourself and your family, with very little money down. Click Here Now to get started.


My very best wishes for your success.






P.S. The Australian Guide to Property Lease Options is all about your education; educating you about lease options in Australia. Just one of the great techniques, tips, and secrets contained in the guide could easily pay for your whole investment many times over.


P.P.S. And remember, you have nothing to lose. If you are unsatisfied in any way, just ask us for a full 100% refund anytime within 60 days, and we will refund you no questions asked. This information is truly a bargain and is absolutely risk free to you!


P.P.P.S. This information in this guide could be invaluable to your future, and could be worth many tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to you in future real estate business if you choose to apply it. A journey of a thousands miles is taken one step at a time, and your first step is to learn the information contained in this guide. Click Here Now to place your Risk Free order.


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