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Live Your Dreams - Les Brown

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Les Brown's "Live Your Dreams"

Les Brown is living proof that you can live your dreams. Les came up the hard way: born into poverty, adopted and raised by a single mother, labeled "educably mentally retarded" as a youth. But a teacher saw a spark in Les and taught him a crucial lesson: You may not always be able to control what life puts in your path, but you can always control who you are - and who you will become.

With no formal education after high school, Les became a disc jockey, a community activist and then served three terms in the Ohio State Legislature, where he was chairman of the Human Resources Committee. He has since become one of the world's preeminent public speakers, and television's hottest new star.

Les Brown is living his dreams. Now he wants to help you live yours. Live Your Dreams is filled with sage, empowering, usable advice, animated by dramatic and moving stories from Les's own experience. It's all delivered with the trademark Brown humor, dynamism and charisma. The book summarises the methods, strategies and goals that are the heart of the Les Brown formula for greater success and happiness.

  • You'll find inside you the power that will enable you to make vital changes in your life

  • You'll learn how to energise and develop a strategy to reach your most important goals

  • You'll discover ways to confront your fears and defeat them

  • You'll find out how to get what you want by going after life with everything you have

  • Most of all, you'll understand the greatness you can bring to the world

Les Brown's powerful message is for all of us: not just the entrepreneur looking to make a fortune, or the desperate and discouraged seeking inspiration, but the community leader, the salesperson, the teacher, the corporate executive, the parent, the teenager - all those who want to create a truly happy and fulfilling life, for themselves and for others. Live Your Dreams will help you say Yes to your life, Yes to your dreams, and Yes to your unfolding future.





Les Brown - It's Not Over Until You Win

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Les Brown's "It's Not Over Until You Win"

From the man who inspired millions with his television shows and his best-selling book Live Your Dreams, It's Not Over Until You Win packs more great advice on overcoming life's obstacles. 

Brown offers a powerful and inspirational plan to help people overcome any obstacle in their lives and to attain whatever they want. Illustrated with thought-provoking examples and exercises, this book enables readers to determine and live by a set of values, experiment with failure as a formula for success, take life beyond set limits, and more.

Imbued with Brown's optimism and enthusiasm, this book is a valuable addition to anyone's inspirational self-help library.





God's Guidance System: Setting Your Course for Destiny

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Les Brown's "God's Guidance System: Setting Your Course for Destiny"

Considered by many the best book on guidance since Bob Mumford wrote Take Another Look at Guidance in the seventies, God's Guidance System provides insight into the guidance of the Holy Spirit through God's Word - this book will make an excellent roadmap for many who are wandering in today's wilderness.

Les Brown is founder and president of Higher Ground Ministries. His extensive ministry has taken him into Canada, South America, Great Britain, and other parts of Europe and the Far East, including numerous visits to China, the Philippines, and the world's largest church in Seoul, Korea, pastored by Dr. Paul Yongi Cho. His song, "I Will Arise," is one of Integrity Hosanna's top published and recorded choruses. James Blackwood sang and recorded "Giver of Life," another of the author's songs. Dr. Brown is also pastor of Rose of Sharon, an exciting and growing congregation located in the center of Maui, Hawaii. He is married to the former Vivienne Stedman of Hampshire, England, a gifted teacher and song-writer in her own right. Vivienne serves as co-pastor in their church ministry.




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