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RICK OTTON – Australia's # 1 authority on 'no money down' real estate investing (who has been featured on Today Tonight, SBS, ABC Reality Bites, Hot Property and A Current Affair) invites you to join the profit party...





How To Buy A Property With One Day's Pay... Without A Bank Loan... Without Borrowing Equity From An Existing Property... Without Stamp Duty... And Without Saving For A Deposit!


(NO, it's not renovating, buying off the plan or negative gearing. And it's not illegal. It's just an UNFAIR advantage over every single other property investor not in-the-know of Rick's system)



Rick OttonFrom: Rick Otton
Thursday, 10:37am

Dear Friend,

Investing in property can be treacherous, can't it? Bank loans, stamp duty, savings, valuations and lawyers. And if you're like most people it sucks up so much of your cash-flow that it's impossible to grow your wealth beyond a snails pace. In most cases, property is a ball and chain. Even at best, approaching property investing the traditional way is a slow process. What's more, if you're like 99% of us, you've also been faced with these...


Five Challenges Of Investing In Property


  1. You can't get bank financing? You really want to invest in property but you've been turned down by banks or mortgage brokers? Maybe you forgot to pay a phone bill or you haven't been in your job long enough to satisfy the banks' strict requirements to qualify for a loan.

  2. Or perhaps you're an investor who is holding some properties and the banks have cut you off from buying more? This is a common problem. You know how it is – just when you find a really great deal and you believe the bank will green light it with you without any problem... out of the blue they say "sorry we can't fund it..."

  3. Maybe you have very little of your own money to invest? So you don't have much of a deposit saved or access to a lot of money to get started? But you have a burning desire in your belly and the unwavering belief that property can build the life you've always dreamed about...

  4. Perhaps you don't want all the headaches which go along with property? Like not being able to find tenants and having an empty property. Or having tenants who don't keep up with their payments or look after your property.

  5. Or you simply don't know how to begin? You want to invest, but you know you need to find a step by step program that works. And just as important, you need someone who can call when you get stuck along the way.

Believe me, it doesn't matter what situation you're in right now, if you want to create tremendous amounts of wealth through property, I can show you exactly how to do it...

  • Without the hassle of renovating

  • Without the risk of buying off the plan

  • Without running at a cash-flow loss through negative gearing

  • Without the sleepless nights that come from worrying about where the money will come from to pay the mortgage on your negatively geared property

  • Without compromising your integrity

And best of all, I can show you how to purchase as many properties as you want starting with as little as one day's pay. And this is NOT some system that works in America and has been slapped together for the Australian marketplace without ever being tested. It's something I have tried and tested in the Australian market place.


Listen: My name is Rick Otton and when I was 28, I was living in the United States, dead broke... without a green card. I was so poor that the most I could spend on a car was $200. There was rope holding up the bumper bars, and it broke down constantly. Not only did I annoy and anger a lot of mechanics with my requests...


I Even Ripped The Windscreen Wipers Off My Car,

So Nobody Could Give Me A Parking Ticket



I had my back to the wall. I was surviving on the smell of an oily rag. I had no education, no job and no future. My life was a mess. I was in another country illegally and the more depressed I got about my situation, the more powerless I felt. I was absolutely miserable.
"You may as well just die," I told myself. "Face the facts, Otton – you're a loser!"

After I got married, a short time later, my wife pulled me aside and put the hard word on me, explaining I had 12 months to get out of my mental and financial rut and start to make things happen!

"Oh, God help me!" I prayed. "Help me get out of this financial misery!" And on the night of September 27th, 1991, after crying myself to sleep, I woke up at 3:00 am and it was like a lightbulb went off inside my head. I was reading a book at the time that said there were only five things that increased in value over time, and property was one of them (I'll tell you what the other four were shortly), which sure beat me being out there working like a dog.

And the moment I made the decision that property would be my wealth creation vehicle, my life instantly changed forever. Within 90 days after making that commitment...


I Had Created A Million Dollar Property Portfolio

Starting With Less Than One Day's Pay



And it just gets better and better! My money worries completely disappeared... and I developed a system which defied conventional wisdom and allowed me to grow my property portfolio so fast it was as if I had magical powers.

But it's not magic at all! You see, as a result of the now infamous savings and loans crisis in the late 1980's and early 1990's, I was put in a position where I had to buy property with no bank finance available. Transactions were either based on cash or creative financing alternatives.

I HAD to learn how to do things differently. And since I was amidst a real estate crash of a magnitude never seen before where properties could be purchased for ten cents in the dollar, I sat down one night and wrote down everything I believed I needed to create wealth through real estate:


My Real Estate Investment System


  1. System Must Be Automated: My real estate investing business needed to be so easy that it almost runs on auto-pilot. So easy even a 7 year old child could do it.

  2. System Must Require Little Money (less than a day's pay): I certainly couldn't afford a deposit of any magnitude at the time, so I needed to find a way to invest in property with less than a day's pay.

  3. System Must Require Little Risk: The four investment strategies I mentioned earlier were rare coins, art, precious metals and shares. I chose real estate because... unlike other strategies... it is as solid as a rock, and therefore almost impossible to lose money on it.

  4. System Must Be Part Time: There are some well-known property investment gurus who recommend going out and seeing 100 properties before you invest in one. That's practically a full-time job and impractical for the average person.

  5. System Cannot Effect Lifestyle: Think about it. If you have a full-time job, a family and a busy social calendar, how on earth are you going to be able to spend every Saturday looking at properties and still be a good parent and enjoy a social life? With my system you can buy, sell and trade properties without leaving the comfort of your own home (sit at your kitchen table in your underwear if you like) and investing as little as 4 or 5 hours a week.

  6. System Must Work For Any Person In Any Economy In Any Country: Over the last 12 months I've taught people to use this system in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. While the legal processes may change from country to country, the system can be adapted for no matter where in the world you want to live.

  7. And Most Importantly, The System Must Be Win / Win For Everyone Involved: Many wealth educators teach you how to win through questionable negotiation tricks. I couldn't live with myself if I did that. Instead, I've always followed this principle that I learnt from motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar many years ago: "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

I have a personal name for this real estate strategy. It's called "MASSIVE PASSIVE" using property lease-options, and it works like crazy. You don't have to put your life and weekends on hold renovating property, risk your life savings buying off the plan, or spend every weekend looking at over a hundred properties in order to find one.

What's more, it combines the best of both worlds.

It's better than positive cash-flow investing because you can buy a property at any price with less than a day's pay.

It's better than investing for capital gain because you can grow your portfolio at whatever speed you desire. After all, you are no longer rely on the banks to give you their money.

And that's why I have invested over 567 hours into creating a program which tells people how to create a million dollar property portfolio exactly the same way I did. You know, to tell the truth, I believe my program is better than any other property course ever devised. Consider this:



I've been on TV. I've been on radio. I've been written up in newspapers and was even featured in two recent 2007 episodes of the "Hot Property" TV Show. And guess what? Everybody – and I mean everybody – wants to know my secret. Well, I can't blame them. And now, with your permission, I'm going to reveal it to you...



'The Massive Passive Pack'


Every Single Thing You Need To Know To Build A Sizeable Property Portfolio... Without A Bank Loan... Without Borrowing Equity From An Existing Property... Without Stamp Duty... And Without Saving For A Deposit

You've never seen a course like this. It's totally and completely UNIQUE. Why? Because you will walk away with a course which allows you to expand your wealth without limitations because you aren't dependent on anyone other than yourself for the growth of your property.

There is simply nobody in Australia teaching this sort of revolutionary method of real estate investing. Only a few come anywhere close, but they certainly haven't purchased 387 properties over the last 18 years and learnt how to thrive no matter what the state of the economy.

This revolutionary course gives you the entire step-by-step blueprint, and walks you through the entire process. It's easy to read, written in plain English and if you follow it...



On Your First Transaction Or I'll Give You Your Money Back



Now, you've gotta be wondering... "Is this guy crazy. After all, if this system is so good, why haven't I heard more about it? The bottom line is that investors using the "massive passive" system are already wealthy. Just look at a few of my students...



Investors like these don't need to supplement their incomes by selling books and tapes. And they don't want to create more competition. In fact, many investors are angry with me for revealing the secrets outlined in this package. Why? Because although this system gives those who understand it an unfair advantage over everyone else, by purchasing just one property using this system, you can...

  • Put your child through private school

  • Take a holiday to Surfers Paradise (or Bali, or Maldives, or Europe) this year

  • Support your favourite charity

  • Pay for yourself to drive a Mercedes... or BMW... or Porsche... or whatever dream car you desire

  • Go to a five star restaurant and not even notice the prices

What about if you then bought a second property that made this sort of money? And a third? Can you see the freedom this might give you?

It can be done – make no mistake about it. My students and I are living proof. Here's a quick example of another one of them...



Well, there's just one thing that stands between you and this end result:




And that's what this system is all about. It reveals how you can add value to tenants caught in the rental rut. After all, if you've been watching the news recently, you'll notice that with the escalating cost of property, thousands of Australians can no longer qualify for a bank loan, or don't have enough savings for a deposit. Just take a look at some of these facts...

  • THE housing affordability crisis in Australia is set to worsen with soaring house prices and rising interest rates squeezing potential buyers. Courier Mail, November 7, 2007

  • JP Morgan economist Helen Kevans said the acceleration in house price appreciation suggested that housing affordability would continue to deteriorate further from already record lows. Ms Kevans said that Wednesday's interest rate rise and the likelihood that rates would rise again in the short-term would cause further pain for Australians already suffering under a housing affordability crisis. Sydney Morning Herald, November 7, 2007

  • Owning a family home has always been the centre-piece of Australia's enviable quality of life - the great Australian dream and investment in a family's future. But housing affordability has reached dangerously low levels throughout Australia, a situation that has serious implications for the social and economic fabric of the nation as a whole. Housing affordability continues to be a key policy matter canvassed by HIA with governments at all levels. Housing Industry Of Australia

  • Australian Housing Affordability ChartA survey by consultants Demographia released this year found that Australians paid 6.6 times the median household income for a median-priced home. In New Zealand, Ireland and Britain a median-priced home cost between 5.5 and six times the median yearly household income. In the US and Canada it was between three and four times. An affordable market is regarded as about three times income. The Age, November 13, 2007

In today's housing affordability crisis, even the average person is being priced out of the property market. It makes me madder than a wet hen. And that's why I'm doing everything in my power to help Australian families break out of the rental rut by releasing this powerful information into the Australian marketplace.

Allowing you to...

  • Feel good about yourself because you're helping a family break out of the rental rut – and giving them perhaps their only opportunity EVER for home ownership

  • Create a sizeable lump sum payment and a positive automatic monthly cash-flow

The Massive Passive Pack reveals how you can do this with practically no start-up money and turn around your first project in 30 days in most cases.



It Sounds Too Good To Be True, Doesn't It?

Well I'll Prove To You That It's Not – Both In

This Web Site... And Throughout The Course


The beauty of this system is that you don't even have to own the property, and therefore enjoy the same profitability that property offers without taking on any of the normal risks associated to the transaction. And there are only 3 things you need to do to discover the fortune that's lying hidden for you in the property market:

  1. You Need Legal Paperwork (which I'll give you)

    Ever wondered how you could control and make money from a $300,000.00 property, $700,000.00 property... even a $1,000,000 property without pulling a dollar out of your own pocket? Well, it's not hard at all. In fact, in this groundbreaking course, I will give you the form and step-by-step process that allows you to take control of a property in a single weekend (even if you've never bought a property in your life). And you can do it without spending more than it costs to buy a good meal or go to a movie.

    Once you know all the secrets, you can create cash-flow through property day in and day out.


  2. You Need A Seller

    Why would the seller allow you to control their property for as little as $10? Good question. The simple answer is because there are dozens of homeowners in the market today who cannot sell their property, and need to be able to do so for a variety of reasons.

    - They may have lost their job.
    - They may have to move in a hurry.
    - They may be going through a divorce.
    - They may not be able to sell their property.
    - Or they may be in a position where they could lose their home. For instance...

    - Figures from the Victorian Supreme Court show there were 2791 repossession claims lodged last year, up from 2578 in 2005. The figure has more than doubled since 2003, when there were 1225.

    And the problem is only going to get worse. Just take a look at this...

    - AT LEAST 117,000 households will be under such severe mortgage stress that they may have to sell within six months, a survey says.

    The survey, by Fujitsu Consulting and JP Morgan, based on the ability to finance debt rather than just the standard measure of mortgage stress, found the number of households experiencing "severe stress" would rise from 83,000 if official interest rates went up again. Mortgage stress is defined as spending 30 per cent or more of gross income on one's mortgage. The Age, November 8th, 2007

    The bottom line is there are more and more Australian's who will need to sell their property urgently over the coming years. And they would be far better off dealing with you (where everyone wins) than being forced to sell by the bank (for significantly less than their property is worth). If you can take away this problem and give them peace of mind and the price they are looking for, they will thank you for it.

    What's more, they may also receive higher rent, positive cash-flow, more money, a larger pool of buyers to choose from, no agents commission, and a better quality tenant. If you owned the home, what would you choose?


  3. You Need A Buyer

    This course shows you how to structure your offer to the potential buyer so they'll be practically lining up and begging you to sell it to them.



Because the buyer wants to own their property, so they'll be happy to pay a higher market rent in exchange for getting their foot in the door to own their own place. They then get to choose whether they buy or not. And they are ready to pay a higher rent for the convenience (just like you're willing to pay more for a carton of milk at a convenience store than from Franklins or Woolworths).

What's more, you'll be able to say goodbye to the rental headaches most people experience because...

  • Not only are they motivated to keep up their payments every week (they get to lock in the sales price now and pay for it later- how many tenants get to do that?)

  • Not only do they look after their property better than if they were only renting (after all they're "renting to own" and house proud)

  • Not only are they thrilled to control property with very little money (they get in on a low deposit and have time to save for the required deposit to purchase at a later date)

  • But after a couple of years, they may exercise their agreement to purchase (and pay you out so you can invest again). And those that simply walk away at the end of their agreement (as is their right) allow you to keep their upfront money and the rent you collected so you can turn around and rent to buy it again.

So how do you make a dollar out of this whole process? You get three different streams of income:

  1. Up Front Money: The buyer pays you some money upfront to take control of the property (usually around $5,000)

  2. Positive Cash Flow: expect to earn around $350 a month from an average property

  3. Backend Profit: When the buyer chooses to buy, during their lease option, depending on the agreement you make, you'll receive around $15,000. Why would they be willing to pay that?

Well, there's actually a few reasons...

  • The buyer does not have to immediately qualify for a bank loan

  • The buyer pays a very low deposit

  • The buyer can lock the sales price in before the property market increases in value

  • The buyer can 'try before they buy'

  • The buyer has the flexibility not to buy

  • The buyer can move in quickly (less than 2 weeks)

  • The buyer doesn't put their money towards 'dead rent'


Australian Census Question Proves Rent To Own Is An Accepted Way Of Buying Property


You probably haven't heard of a rent to own property until now, but thousands of Australians are using this revolutionary new method to buy and sell their homes.

In fact, it's become so popular that question #56 of the Australian Census form asks: Is the property you're living in purchased on a rent to buy arrangement?

Given the current state of the Australian economy, the lack of housing affordability, and the increasing rate of loan defaults, the rent to own method of buying homes is only going to get bigger. There's never been a better time to help your fellow Australians realize the dream of home ownership.



Can you see why I don't believe in 'renovating,' buying 'off the plan' or negative gearing? Why would I? Or more importantly why would you? Not when you have a buyer pay you positive weekly payments... PLUS receive an up front option fee of a couple thousand dollars and up... and a back end payment of around $15,000 when they exercise their option to buy at any time during their lease option.

Please do not think this is over your head. Please do not think it is difficult.


You only need to know "the system". In fact, when you learn all the secrets revealed on "THE MASSIVE PASSIVE PACK" it will be so simple for you to find a motivated seller, a motivated buyer, put the two together and collect your profit...


It Will Soon Become As Easy And

Natural For You As Breathing

WHAT'S MORE... once you master this strategy, I'll show you how to increase your profits again by purchasing property at a discount (it's easier than you think and lift your profits once again)


That's right. There's so many different methods I can show you to maximize your profits from property. The reason why I've made everything so simple is because I actually make a living from doing this EVERYDAY. Look, I'll admit it. I'm a 'lazy bastard' who doesn't like to do anything the hard way. But that's why this system works so well for everyday people.

BOTTOM LINE IS: I've made this system so simple that anyone can now use property to get out of the rat race despite the housing affordability crisis, and no matter what the state of the economy. And to do it fast.

I think it's the best way in the world to make money through property. It works in every state of Australia. It's been tried and tested in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. And you make a profit at every stage of the process: the beginning, the middle and the end.



I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars through this system, and I actually told my wife I had too much on my plate to actively promote this course anymore, but...


I've caught a few people trying to pass my concept off as "theirs". Don't you hate that? I work for 18 years to refine the system. I do all the hard work. I get the results. And then along comes some "rip off" artist who rips off all my hard work and claims it as their own.

These sort of people are dangerous! Why? Because they don't understand all the intricacies, so the information they're teaching is full of flaws. Someone starting out on this path might fall into a pothole and then throw their hands in the air and say, "Forget it. It didn't work for me. I'll just settle with what I've got and try to get by." Ouch.

Well, I'm not letting that happen. I am determined to protect good, honest, hardworking Australians from going down the wrong path. Wouldn't you do the same if you were in my shoes?

This unbelievably exciting package is designed so you don't risk a cent putting it to the test. Every stage is designed to give you exactly what you need to master the art of making your property investments deliver massive gains in the shortest time possible. Nothing has been left out... you get the same instructional format participants at my events have paid upwards of $5,000 for... with the added advantage that you can listen to everything on CD's and DVD's allowing you to rewind and go back over any aspect of the program you like until it become second nature to you. Plus, you'll discover...

  • Why "Negative Gearing" is one of the stupidest ways to try and build wealth through property (yet nearly everyone's been brainwashed into following along with the Jones's, thinking it's the only game in town). Forget the tax advantages. Especially when I show you how to find properties which cost you less than a days pay... and put money in your pocket right away – which brings me to...

  • Why you shouldn't believe everything you hear about traditional 'positive cash-flow' investing

  • Little known secrets that allow you to locate motivated sellers who will be happy to let you control their property... even if you've got hardly any money

  • An exact checklist you can use to negotiate with both the seller and buyer of a property: everything you need to explain to make this unusual concept so easy to understand a seven year old child could grasp it

  • CAUTION: Real estate agents are always conspiring to hoodwink you as a buyer. Don't be their next victim. Discover the 3 power questions to ask which reveal if a property is overpriced.

  • The single biggest mistake amateur investors make which could cost you thousands. Ignoring this single warning could do some serious damage to your bank account

  • How to legally avoid paying your solicitors fees (hint: they will be happy to work on this arrangement for as long as you desire the relationship)

  • How to sell your house for 20% more than anyone else in your area (no matter what the state of the economy – and people will be lining up outside your door practically begging you to choose them)

  • Do you worry about tenant hassles? If so, I'll show you why you can end those worries, and never have to deal with the Residential Tribunal... as a result of using this revolutionary system

  • The secret to finding highly motivated vendors who will be more than happy to give you control of their property. PLUS: How to structure the negotiation between buyers, sellers and yourself, so everyone walks away as a winner

  • The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to sell your property to buyers – this simple process will make your property in demand, even when the house next door has been on the market for years. This is the "master secret" of selling your property faster and for more money than anyone in your area, no matter what the state of the property market

  • The 8 little known factors you need to include in your advertising in order to make your phone ring off the hook with hungry buyers

  • The four magic phrases to ask potential rent-to-buy owners to pre-qualify them and ensure you don't waste your time. This simple technique is part of the reason why it's possible to use this strategy to make a six figure income working only 4 or 5 hours a week. The other factor is...

  • The exact telephone script I use to pre-qualify potential buyers (simply follow the script and you'll be a master of this process in no time)

  • How never to approach a real estate agent. Never. This will instantly kill your chances of getting a good deal and having them take you seriously. PLUS: an eight point checklist which will get the agent on your side immediately

  • Sixteen different hints that allow you to buy property at a 10-15% discount. PLUS: get a free car or houseful of furniture and fittings thrown in with the home (this little nugget alone will pay for the investment in this package over and over and over again)

  • Want to avoid a logistical and accounting nightmare? This step-by-step system will ensure you avoid all the headaches and positive cash-flow hits your bank account month after month after month

  • CAUTION: Avoid this common mistake with your rent-to-own paperwork or it could cost you thousands. Beginners fall for this all the time, however once you understand this little known secret, you'll avoid being fleeced by a mere technicality

  • Why you should never EVER buy a property if it's located in these five areas. Ignoring this single warning could leave you with a dog investment

  • WARNING: Don't buy a unit on a rent-to-buy arrangement until you've taken these 12 factors into account: PLUS the critical "BUY ME" features I look for when purchasing a rent to own property

  • The exact three pieces of paper you'll need to buy, sell or control property on a rent to own arrangement

  • How to begin your search to buy a property. (Don't trust your real estate agent to be open about how to get the best deals – this simple process is the easiest way to identify exactly what you should pay for a property in ANY area in just one day)

  • The quickest, easiest way to attract all the 'good deals' you could ever want (and six different ways to 'sweeten the pot' at the close of a sale, allowing you to walk away with thousands of dollars worth of bonuses)

  • The fifteen most common mistakes almost everyone makes when buying an investment property

  • Why your goal should be to spend the least amount of time possible preparing your property for sale. What you should fix. What you shouldn't. And a simple 12 point checklist of easy things you can do to enhance your houses 'drive up appeal.'

  • The eighteen groups of people who will practically line up and beg you for the opportunity to get their hands on your rent to own property

  • FIND PLENTY OF BUYERS by using cheap ads in the classified directory of your local newspaper. Six different headlines that grab the attention of your target market and make them call you. PLUS exactly what to feature in your body copy to get your phone ringing off the hook

  • How to put your entire rent to own system on autopilot. The tried and tested way to systematize the process so you can enjoy the additional cash-flow without the administration hassles.

  • The exact property inspection form I use every time I check out a new property (this simple form will save your memory and allow you to gain an instant snapshot of your industry)

    ... PLUS with a special section of 'fill-in-the-blanks' instruction, you'll get everything you need to make sure this entire process is as easy as falling off a log. Including...

  • A Buyer Contact Sheet (which ensures you get all the important information you need from potential buyers)

  • A credit file letter (which makes it dead easy to check the credit of your potential buyer)

  • Agreement forms (the paperwork the buyer fills out when they're ready to purchase)

  • Application form (easy form for your buyers to complete)

    And there's more: You also get actual legal forms to use when you buy from a vendor. And legal forms when you sell to a buyer. (these alone have cost me $2,500 to have drawn up through my solicitor, but you're free to use them as a part of this course)

    I told you I'd made everything dead easy to follow, didn't I? And that's why I'm also going to give you proven scripts for...

  • Speaking to agents

  • Pre-qualifying prospects

  • Running open house inspections

  • Selecting the right buyer

  • And every other step involved in the process

To have a professional copywriter actually write these for you from scratch would likely cost you between $4,000 and $6,000 – and that's IF you could find a writer who knew how to create ALL of the forms, documents, letters and layouts that I'm giving you. Best part is, you know that I use these forms everyday in my own business! So you know they work. And YOU can use them word-for-word!

Can a simple system like this really allow you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars through property while taking on virtually no risk? You bet it can. Just listen to what these average Australians have to say:



Are these people any different to you? No, they are not. They represent everyday Australians with a vast array of different background and experience with the same passion for a better future that you possess.

The only thing they did was put their doubts aside... and put this proven system to the test.

As you can see, this is NOT Theory! Everything I give you in the MASSIVE PASSIVE Pack has been 100% proven to work by me RIGHT HERE IN AUSTRALIA. I take you step-by-step through every part of the process. Like a coach taking a player through the motions so that everything is dead easy to understand.


NEVER Before Have Ordinary Australians Had Such An Opportunity To Leverage Their Way Out Of The Rat Race No Matter What Your Financial Situation. And No Matter What The State Of The Economy


Listen: A lot of guys all over Australia are gonna be furious with me for sharing this information with you... especially since it levels the playing field and makes the same opportunities available for everyone.

But that's just too bad. It's been a secret for too long. And even though you've been told you have to wait to build a deposit, with this system you don't. In fact, you'll make money right away no matter what the state of the property market.

Imagine enjoying two lump sums at the beginning and end of the transaction, as well as a regular income that hits your bank account every month that you can use to fund your nest-egg in retirement... spend on a new car... buy gifts for your friends and family... take your children on holidays... or even reinvest to fast-track the growth of your property portfolio. And then doing it over and over and over again. That would be something, wouldn't it? You bet it would and...


You Will Finish This Course & Know Exactly



In fact, I'm going to reveal every single thing I know about rent to own transactions to you. Nothing is left out. I predict that as you watch the DVD's, listen to the CD's and soak up the material, you are going to find it difficult to sleep at night. Doors of opportunities you never knew existed are about to open up to you and you'll have all these incredible ideas bouncing around in your head. But you know what? Sleep will be the last thing on your mind. It's the greatest feeling in the world to know that your future will TRULY be one of abundance and choice. Wouldn't you agree?

Ok, by this stage you're probably thinking about price. However before we discuss that, I need to make you aware that...


Not Everyone Is Free To Invest

In This Program


Look, I've traveled the road... personally. I've made my money. And I've lived a life I could once only imagine... all thanks to the creative use of property. And a funny thing happens once you have all the money you could ever need. You get this immense feeling inside that you want to help others.

But after working with thousands of people over the years, you come to the realization that all some people are looking for is the get-rich-quick bullet.

If that's what you're looking for, then please keep your money in your pocket. This course isn't for you.

I've invested hundreds of hours into ensuring the secrets revealed to you in this special package are the most powerful and effective way for anyone to fast-track their way out of the rat race. Hundreds of Australians have already successfully used my step-by-step master plan to make millions of dollars. That's why...


I Want To Restrict Access To This Program To

Those Rare Individuals Who Are Going To

Use It For The Good Of Mankind


That's right. I only want people who actually intend to use this system to help everyday Australians realise the dream of home ownership, while enjoying a healthy profit for themselves. Fair enough?

Okay, let's talk about your investment.

Now, you should know that when I do private one-on-one coaching, I am paid $825 an hour. Why so much? Because I am the only person on the planet who has the years of know-how and experience on these revolutionary property investing strategies. I place a high value on my time. There are a bundle of other things I could be doing, so if I'm going to invest time with you, I need to know you're as serious about your success as I am.

In order to create this program, I've invested 18 years of my life learning the ropes through trial and error. And then I've put in over 567 solid hours recording the events, putting together the manuals, editing, proofing, coordinating the graphic designers and conducting interviews to ensure you get EVERYTHING you need to know to create massive amounts of passive income and hightail out of the rat race faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Obviously, there's no way anybody would pay for the amount of time I've invested. After all, I've put in over $467,775.00 of my own time to bring you this program. Believe me, there's no comparable system available to the Australian marketplace today.

To come up with a price, I discussed the matter with my Platinum Members, clients and staff – my own little mastermind group, before I came up with a solid figure. I asked them to tell me how they thought I should price it, knowing that if I agreed, they would have to pay that price.

One said $12,000. Bless him, his family and his dog.

Four suggested $9,000. I have, on occasion, sold admittedly less comprehensive and far less valuable products and services for $6,000 or more.

A few others suggested: $6,995.

Survey results were lowest price - $6,995.

Yet while I'm certainly motivated by money and profit, I am not a greedy man. There is a very clear difference.

There's something else I also have to consider. I've put years into perfecting this system. And I know how easy it is for the average person to fast-track their way out of the rat race by following my step-by-step guidelines. At this stage of my life, I've made my money. I've lived the Australian dream. I've got the fancy car. The big house. Last year I travelled to the United Kingdom, USA, Europe and several countries throughout Europe and stayed at five star hotels everywhere I went.

And I'm no longer just concerned with monetary success, but more about 'making a difference' in the lives of others. I take pride in the hundreds of ordinary Australians from a every possible occupation who sees fit to thank me for helping them reach their dreams, however my number one priority is to make that list much, much, much bigger. I am actually more interested in putting this program into the maximum number of people's lives.

I am explaining this so that you are conscious of the fact I have under-priced this system. Everyone I know has told me so.

Anyway, after all the discussions, I have cut the lowest price anyone has suggested to me $6,995 in half, and set the price for the complete MASSIVE PASSIVE SYSTEM at just $4,497.

But wait! I've designed the program so almost anyone can fit it into their budget with my EASY PAYMENT PLAN. That's right, you can split it up over 4 payments. Just $1,150 down now... then $1,150 a month for 3 months (TOTAL: $4,600).

How's that for a great deal? Heck, if you really grab the bull by the horns and run with this program...


You Can Make Your Money Back By Doing Your First Deal Before You've Even Finished Your Payments For The Course.


There's just one condition: all I ask is that you pay the installments with your credit card. No cheques or money orders. Fair enough?

Now, a mate of mine is a marketing genius. And he tells me that in order to make your customer so happy they will refer you to everyone they know, you've got to go above and beyond the call of duty. And so far I believe I've done that. But you know what? I reckon at this moment you've got a pair of scales bouncing around in your mind, seriously weighing up whether or not to get your hands on THE MASSIVE PASSIVE PACK.

I suspect that in your heart you know what a difference this program will make to your life... and the life of your loved ones. But what's it going to take to get you to become one of the hundreds of my students to commit to the decision and change their financial future?

Well, how about this: I have racked my brain to see what else I could do to make this program the most powerful, easy to implement and life-altering wealth creation program on the planet. And I believe I've done that. Here's what I've got in store for you...


FREE BONUS # 1 – Massive Passive Property Pack 12
CD Audio Program (valued at $997)


This is all new! I sat down and interviewed my beginning, middle and advanced students in order to extract exactly what you need to be a success. I've also included my buyer and seller attraction systems. This is one of the first CD's you'll want to pop in and listen to. Here's what's on the CD's...

  • CD 1 & CD 2- Getting Started To Fast Track Your Profits

  • CD 3 & CD 4 – How to Harvest Gold From Sellers

  • CD 5 & CD 6 – Simple Secrets To Attract Buyers

  • CD 7 & CD 8 – Find Agents That Will Work With You

  • CD 9 – How The Pro's Get Control of the Negotiations with Sellers

  • CD 10 – The Key to Real Estate Success: Marketing

  • CD 11 & CD 12 – Student Deals

In my mind this is the perfect program for getting started in 'rent to own' and sandwich leases. There is so much valuable information on this audio program. And the best part is, unlike a seminar, you'll be able to go back to any part of the program and listen over and over again.



FREE BONUS # 2 – Massive Passive Pack Transcripts
of 12 CD Audio Program (valued at $997 – YOURS FREE)


This 144 page manual is the best way of referring back to the information you hear on the 12 CD Audio Program. Every word is documented, so you can quickly reflect back on the main points on the CD program at a moments notice. Make as many notes as you want on this manual, because it will allow you to quickly review the information on the CD collection without having to listen to them over and over again.



FREE BONUS # 3 – The Solicitor's Letters & Legal
Paperwork For Australia And New Zealand
(valued at $2,500 – YOURS FREE)


Over the last seven years, I've invested in excess of $100,000.00 creating legal paperwork which works for rent to own agreements. This has included personal man hours, going through clauses, educating solicitors and footing the solicitors hefty fees.

And I'm going to give you the end result of what all this effort has created. What's more, it doesn't matter if you live in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania or New Zealand... we have customized all the paperwork to the laws in your specific area.

Why am I giving you this? Because if you were to ask the average solicitor to create a contract for you based on what I tell you in the course, they would either a) look back at you with a blank stare, having no idea what you are talking about... or b) charge you an arm and a leg to put together the contracts for you from scratch.

So you can either 1) use the exact contracts that we give you 2) Take it to your solicitor to tweak (these agreements will cut their workload – and your costs – by around 90%) 3) Or you are welcome to use any of the solicitors we have spent thousands of dollars and man hours educating on our rent to own strategies. Their contact details are in the manual and we receive no financial compensation for referring them.

Note: we give you all the legal paperwork so you can run it past your solicitor



FREE BONUS # 4 – Step By Step Guide For Buying And Selling Real Estate With Sandwich Leases
(valued at $1500– YOURS FREE)


Here is your special Step By Step Guide for buying and selling real estate with no money down by gaining control of the property with sandwich leases. Use this guide as a handy reference, it will keep you focused and on track when you're talking to vendors and buyers. This is your blueprint for controlling property. Everything is spelled out for you in a simple easy to follow format.

You'll discover...

  • How to buy property using very little of your own money and without joint venture or money partners to slow you down

  • The exact type of vendor to look for when you do 'no money down transactions'.... (get this wrong and you'll waste your time)

  • One major advantage that works in your favour when you control property -especially at the high end of the market

  • 10 Investor benefits you'll reap when you do sandwich leases... (if you thought property investing was out of your reach... it's not even if you have little money or ability to get finance)

  • The exact property to stay away from when you do 'No Money Down' transactions

  • Who fixes maintenance problems on a rent to own... (good news when you're doing a sandwich lease)

  • Exact words you say to vendors when purchasing from them 'no money down'

  • Why the timing in the market place is FINALLY right to use 'no money down' transactions to control property... (this is a market we haven't seen in years)

  • If you can't do a 'no money down' transaction, I'll show you the next best tool to use to control property when negotiating with a seller

  • Why some vendors are highly motivated to work with you (and how to find them)

  • 13 Types of motivated vendors who are keen to work with you... (once you know this can spot them a mile away)

  • Investor Checklist you'll follow when negotiating with sellers (your road map so you don't get lost)


FREE BONUS # 5 – Massive Passive Property Pack 3 DVD's
(valued at $397 – YOURS FREE)


DVD # 1: Signs That Sell: The reason why this DVD is so important is because signs sell 75% of rent to own properties? In this DVD, you will discover...

  • What to write on the sign to generate the maximum level of interest

  • The exact tools you will need to put a sign up yourself

  • The number one mistake most people make with signs

  • Little known secrets about where to buy a home to gain maximum exposure... and the type of areas to avoid even though they may be in high traffic areas

DVD # 2: Show Me The Money: Are you still wondering why a seller would give you control over their home? Or why even a wealthy buyer may desire to purchase your property on a rent to own arrangement? Well, in this DVD you'll see Rick workshop these questions with a live audience. And if you're renting a house right now, Rick will show you how you could quite easily put thousands of dollars in your pocket by gaining ownership of the property using a simple negotiation strategy.

DVD # 3: Solicitor Secrets: This DVD walks you through all the latest tricks, traps and special legal considerations to take into account when investing in rent to own properties. In fact, once you've finished watching this experienced lawyer step you through the legal process... you'll have a complete legal overview of how the contracts work... without having to spend $350 an hour for the experience.



FREE BONUS # 6 – Massive Passive Property Pack Frequently Asked Questions 4 CD's (valued at $497 – YOURS FREE)


This CD ensures every one of your questions is answered. Over the years, I've found there are a handful of questions I get asked over and over and over again. So if you finish the program and still have questions about anything from:

  • How To Set Up Deals To Increase Your Profits (CD 1)

  • How To Create Monthly Streams Of Cash Flow (CD 2)

  • How To Get "Financing" For Your Properties Without A Bank (CD 3)

  • How To Uncover Your Hidden Profits (CD 4)

... this CD will answer just about every question you might have lying around in the back of your mind. Each CD is broken down into answering the specific questions I receive on a regular basis. You'll get every pearl and nugget of wisdom you'd get in a half day consultation with me. It's like having me sit next to you in my office... asking all your questions... and having me answer you on the spot.



FREE BONUS # 7 – CASE STUDY: Live Audio 25 Minute Conversation Between Rick Otton and Chris Who Is Building A Property Empire With No Money, No Credit And No Property Experience (valued at $47 – YOURS FREE)


Chris Love was new to property investing. With no credit, no money and no previous experience, he did not believe he could make money from property investing. One day he contacted me, applied my ideas and waited for the results...

What happened next blew him away.

Within a few short months, Chris purchase five properties, using none of his or the banks money and is now earning a cash flow income of $750 per month.

This interview will give you his inside story, so you can save thousands of $$$ in mistakes, reduce your learning curve, keep your solicitor honest, show you why you can sell to owner occupiers or investors, and help you put your first no money down deal together... within a few weeks of devouring the course.



FREE BONUS # 8 – CASE STUDY: Live Audio 25 Minute Conversation Between Rick Otton and Martin Who Makes $1.3 Million A Year In His T-Shirt And Shorts
(valued at $47 – YOURS FREE)


It's a wise decision to learn from other peoples experience but usually with this caveat: seek out and learn from those with experience that are at the top of their game.

After a chance meeting with a friend at a wedding, Martin and his wife quit their jobs, moved to Townsville and ran the gauntlet to riches. Five years later, he is earning $1.3 million a year as a result of following Rick's system. In this recording, you will discover...

  • THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BIG DEALS. And the quickest, easiest way to get the biggest returns without taking on big risks

  • Why you should get EVERYTHING in writing. Real examples from the frontlines that will blow your mind

  • How to create credibility with real estate agents. These shocking facts will put you on alert

  • Exactly how Martin bought 11 properties in one day

  • And much, much, much more


Free Bonus # 9 - The Final And Most Valuable Bonus
(valued at $2500)


As well as everything else I've described in this letter, I'll give you what I believe is the most precious commodity I have to offer...


My time and on-going personal assistance to
help you get the ball rolling


Listen: I used to be more than happy to talk to just about anyone (particularly my customers) who'd call me.

However, with thousands of customers on my mailing list, I cannot physically do that anymore. So to ensure I deal with serious people only, I'm only available at my $850 per hour consulting fee.

However, if you take this opportunity to get involved, I will make myself available twice a month for 12 months.

Here's how it works: You'll receive notification every two weeks via email with a special phone number to ring at a specific time and date so you can have me answer any question you have about real estate and the rent to own system for a full 12 months.

I consider time the most precious commodity all of us have, so this is not something I give away lightly. But I'm aware that for you to be successful in building up your rent to own business, you may require my help (you won't need it, because everything is included within the system to get you started, but it's nice to know I'm available, isn't it?).

Now, if you have a calculator handy, that brings your total free gifts to...




(that's right, over twice your investment price)

Yep, I know the bonuses FAR EXCEED the investment for this program and I've been told by more people than I can remember that I'm insane for doing this. However in the unlikely case that you're still not certain, there's one more thing I want you to consider...


Why Make Costly Mistakes When You Can Instantly
Profit From My Eighteen Years Of Experience?


Creating wealth through rent to own property investing is the key to huge cash flows and true financial freedom no matter what your financial position right now. You've already seen throughout this letter exactly how average Australians just like you have all made a small fortune through rent to own properties.

The potential is huge. But without my step by step system, you could fall into a myriad of traps along the way. Don't let that happen.



This is your chance to duplicate what I've done, create your own handsome month-after-month income, explode your net worth and get an unfair advantage over 95% of Australian investors. And you can do it all risk-free. Simply follow my system and your success is guaranteed.



You Have Absolutely No Risk
With This Ground-Breaking Package

If you follow the system laid out for you in The Massive Passive Pack and do not earn 4 TIMES YOUR INVESTMENT IN THIS PROGRAM on your first transaction (that's $13,988!!), you can send the whole thing back to me and receive a complete refund on your entire purchase.

Either you walk away with $13,988 in your pocket or it won't cost you a cent. That's my way of making sure this is the best and wisest decision you've ever made. Personally, I think that's almost impossible, but, if that should occur, I want you to take me up on a one-on-one coaching call to make sure you did everything right, and if you followed all my steps without success...



Look, I'm trying to "sell" you as hard as I can on giving The Massive Passive Pack a chance to help you. Because, believe me, I know what it feels like to want to get out of the rat race. The money worries, the lack of holidays, the endless hours and everything else that goes with 'I can't afforditis'. But I'm telling you... if I can do it, anyone can. After all, I know I haven't achieved success because of my superior intellect – I barely got through year 10 with average grades.

All I've done is worked on developing a system ever since I started using the rent to own alternative in 1991. A system that is designed for Australians. A system that has helped hundreds of Australians say goodbye to the rat race. And a system that I've time-tested in 2 up and 2 down property markets in Australia and America.

Before I wrap up, let's take a look at The Massive Passive Pack Step-By-Step System in detail again. Here's what I'm about to send you:


Description of goods

Separate Purchase

The Massive Passive Special Offer

The Massive Passive Pack:
which contains everything you
need to invest in property with
no money down



Massive Passive Pack
12 CD Audio Program



Massive Passive Pack
Transcripts Of 12 CD Audio Program



The Solicitors Letter And Legal Paperwork For Australia And New Zealand



Step By Step Guide For Buying And Selling Real Estate With Sandwich Leases



3 DVD's: Signs That Sell, Show Me The Money, Solicitor Secrets



Frequently Asked Questions About The Massive Passive Pack



FREE CASE STUDY: Live Audio 25 Minute Conversation Between Rick Otton And Chris Who Is Building A Property Empire With No Money, No Credit And No Property Experience



FREE CASE STUDY: Live Audio 25 Minute Conversation Between Rick Otton And Martin Who Makes $1.3 Million A Year In His T-Shirt And Shorts



Telephone Coaching For 12 Months













How can I afford to all these bonuses and guarantees? Easy – my students and I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars using this system. And I've got documented proof as to what happens when you follow all the steps.

So I'm absolutely certain this system will work magic for you, too. Think about it: retiring early and rich with your home fully paid for, your own late-model car (perhaps a BMW, Maserati or stylish new Jag – whatever your taste) and time to do whatever it is you want... whether it be to jump on a plane to Greece, Fiji, Hawaii or the Bahamas for a holiday... turn your garden into a masterpiece... spend more time connecting with your children or grandchildren... or attending those theatrical and sporting events you've always wanted to see, but could never afford the time. That would be something, wouldn't it?

You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with my bullet-proof guarantee. I run one of the most established real estate education companies in the country, and I protect my reputation like a bulldog protects their home.



So You Have 2 Choices


Option 1... do nothing. Say to yourself 'it all sounds too good to be true' and put this letter in the wastepaper basket. Continue to get up each morning, shower, get dressed, guzzle a cup of coffee and grab a bite to eat – then get in your car and drive to work. Only to leave your job eight or more hours later to fight your way through rush-hour traffic on the way home, and think about how much you despise your job and would gladly give it up in a moments notice if only you didn't have a mortgage and a mountain of bills sitting on your shoulder. How much longer will you continue to struggle needlessly for?


Option 2... take the advice of Earl Nightingale: "If you want to be successful, look at what everyone else is doing, and do the opposite". Release the invisible shackles which have been holding you back and create the kind of lifestyle most people can only ever dream of. A life full of luxury and travel. A life which gives you all free time you need to spend with your friends and family. A life where you can enjoy your favourite hobbies 5 days a week if you so choose. A life where you are free of money worries and can go to a five star restaurant and not even look at the prices.

Truth is, just a few years from now you could be making 2½ to 10 times your current income while working half the hours. Or you could be staring at a future just like almost every other Australian who according to July 2004 statistics from Centrelink, will end up working until 65 and when they do finally retire; will struggle to make ends meet... on an income of about only $10,078 per person.

Whatever your dreams, you're only going to get a different result to everyone else if you do things differently. Here's your chance to learn a proven step-by-step system that has already worked for hundreds of Australians.


Let me conclude with one final point –


There are a lot of different ways to make money through real estate – most require a sizeable upfront deposit (for example, the traditional positive cash-flow approach) or are fraught with risk (like buying off the plan). And usually (like with negative gearing) as soon as you start making money, the bank tells you they won't lend you any more in order to expand your portfolio.

Your main other money making alternatives are business and shares. But the share market is incredibly volatile (just ask anyone who went through the crash of '87) and 80% of businesses fail within the first five years.

The Massive Passive Pack is probably the safest way to build a substantial income without taking on substantial risk. One thing's for certain: it's the most comprehensive system for no money down property investing in the Australian marketplace... which allows you to grow your wealth without limitations. I challenge you if you don't earn 4 times your investment in this program on your first transaction, you can send the whole thing back to me and receive a complete refund on your entire purchase. I promise you, once you see the kind of difference this program can make to your life, your partner's life and the life of your family in general – you won't even consider it.

It's easy to get started...




PRIORITY Registration Details



  • I understand that if I follow the system laid out for me in The Massive Passive Pack and do not earn 4 TIMES MY INVESTMENT IN THIS PROGRAM on my first transaction (that's $13,988!!), I can send the whole thing back to you and receive a complete refund on your entire purchase.

  • I understand that I'll receive 9 bonuses valued at an amazing $9482 absolutely free with my investment.

How To Order As Our Referral And Claim The Additional
$389 In FinanciallyFree.com.au Bonuses.


Single Payment $4,497 inc GST


4 x Monthly Installments of $1,150 inc GST


Visa Card  Master Card

Online Orders: Click here to Order Online
directly from Rick Otton's website





If you follow the system laid out for you in The Massive Passive Pack and do not earn 4 TIMES YOUR INVESTMENT IN THIS PROGRAM on your first transaction (that’s $13,988!!), you can send the whole thing back to me and receive a complete refund on your entire purchase. Either you walk away with $13,988 in your pocket or it won't cost you a cent! That's my way of making sure this is the best and wisest decision you've ever made.


Rick Otton signature

Rick Otton



I look forward to hearing of your success stories in the coming months. And I am absolutely certain it will be the most profitable investment you've ever made.


Rick Otton signature
Rick Otton

P.S. If someone told you there was a treasure worth $100,000.00 right under your nose – perhaps even buried on your own property – and that he'd lead you to it for FREE...

... would you let him?

Well, that's exactly what I'm asking of you.

I say that I can guide you to wealth that's sitting right beneath your nose, then multiply that money over and over and over again.

If I'm right, you'll be better off, and I'll have a customer for life. If you try it and it doesn't work for you, you'll get double your money back. You come out smelling like a rose either way!

Please – let me hear from you right away!

P.P.S. If you're one of the first 250 people who order online, I'll throw in this bonus gift for free:


Full Day Workshop Audio Program: 7 Proven Strategies You Can Use To Buy Property Even If You Have $10,000 Or Less.


Here's your golden opportunity to be a fly on the wall at my one day Lease Option event held 22 May 2004 in Sydney. This is not just a high lights reel of the event - it's everything we covered on the day and in chronological order - I've just deleted the tea and lunch breaks... (and I've divided the CD's into 'easy-to-absorb-tracks' so you can turn your car into a university on wheels). This exclusive event sold out weeks in advance and the value was so evident that people travelled thousands of miles to be there.

Now I have to tell you, this particular seminar was VERY unusual.

While I did talk about the specialty I'm best known for – how to buy property with no money down - that's only a small portion of what I talked about.

For the first time ever in a seminar, I discussed several of my closely guarded real estate investment strategies that I've kept close to my chest until now.

I even included what I call my "Tough Truth Factors" – the sort of "harsh reality" investment secrets nobody ever talks about publicly... what it REALLY takes to go from scratch to wealth, fast, against all sorts of obstacles.
... you see, I've been able to create Total Financial Freedom before turning 36, and I started out with nothing, no backing, no rich family and only a year ten education.

And, even though I've taught hundreds of hours of seminars and created numerous programs, I've never before condensed ALL my philosophies and strategies for creating wealth on the smell of an oily rag all into one day.

Once you have devoured all of these strategies and philosophies, there's absolutely no reason why you can't do the same.

But don't mistake any of this for "motivational hype" because it is far from it. This is straight down the line how-to information. As a special BONUS, you will receive a copy of this full day workshop with your package.



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