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Personal Finance




Personal Finance

Non-Conforming Loans

About 25% of home loan applications are rejected by the banks in Australia, so difficulty in obtaining a home loan is a pretty widespread problem.


However, many people don't know that in the last 7 years a number of lenders have established themselves to fill this gap. These lenders are known as non-conforming, or sub-prime lenders, and they specialise in lending to the following groups:


  • Self-Employed People

  • Recent Arrivals to Australia

  • Non Residents

  • Credit Impaired

  • Deposit Impaired

  • Income Impaired

  • Security Impaired

  • Temporarily Unemployed

  • Failed Business

  • Investors

  • Older Persons

  • Unemployed Persons


To learn more about sub-prime lending and the groups they lend to, click here






Personal Finance


Family Finance Planner Software
$11.97 inc GST (instant download) sells elsewhere for US$27!


* Comprehensive monthly home budget tracker allowing you to keep track of all your expenditure each month with a built-in feature to track how much over and under budget each item is, as well as automatically calculating all the totals for you. 

* Income/expenditure tracker to keep detailed records of your income and expenditure

* Yearly budget tracker allowing comprehensive data to be tracked over the period of a year, with automatic calculation of all totals. 

* Investment projection calculator to calculate how long you will need to save up before you can buy something you want, like a car, a holiday or a deposit for a house. 

* Car Leasing/Purchase calculator to automatically calculate whether you would be better off buying or leasing a new car.

In addition to the software, you'll receive a free credit guide with information on 50 different credit related topics including:

  • Making Sense Of Your Credit Report

  • Tips To Build Your Credit Today

  • Debt Negotiation

  • Building Business Credit

  • How Divorce Can Affect Your Credit Rating

  • Avoiding Getting Scammed When Repairing Your Credit

  • Three Critical Steps To Your First Home Mortgage

  • The Differences Between Secured And Unsecured Debt; and much, much more.

Works using MicroSoft Excel

Click Here to Download this Software Right Now for $11.97


Alternatively, this software is also bundled in with the Cancer Benefit Fundraiser "Wealth Creation Value Pack" for $37.


Family Finance Planner

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Financial Advisor

Better budgeting... Smarter investing... More money -
...Better living!


Financial Advisor is the easy-to-use, all-in-one package to track your budget, increase your wealth, and plan your secure financial future. Features include:

  • The Budget Advisor - set and track your targets

  • The Mortgage Advisor - take years off your mortgage

  • Investments & Annuities

  • Nominal to Effective Interest Converter

  • Retirement Planner & Scheduler

  • Practical Advice for Achieving Wealth

And a whole lot more.. Learn more about Financial Advisor


Financial Advisor




Personal Finance

Become Financially Free with Compound Interest


Compound interest is a fundamental component in the laws of money.

If people were taught it at school as part of a money management unit, it's unlikely that 95% of retirees would require the govt. pension for support as they do today.
If all who learnt it applied it, far more than the current 5% of people would attain financial independence.

Learn more about Compound Interest



Debt Reduction Programme


This article comprises three sections: Household Budget Creation, Budget Monitoring, and the Debt Reduction Program. All three ingredients are necessary to achieve debt free status in the shortest possible time. This article will not only show you how to be debt free, itíll also show you how to calculate the time it will take you.

Learn more about Debt Elimination



Mortgage Reduction Strategies


The word Mortgage is a concatenation of two French words: the word Mort which means "death", and the word Gage which means "pledge". So in effect, a mortgage is a "death-pledge". The banks will generally structure a home loan for a 25 or 30 year term. This allows them to maximise the interest payments they will receive from you. But it need not be this way.


Reducing the term of your mortgage is quite a straightforward process. By applying a few basic strategies, one can pay off oneís home loan in half the mandated time or less, without making any additional repayments over and above those normally required.


Learn more about Mortgage Elimination



The Different Types of Home Loans


This is a companion article to the Mortgage Reduction article above.

There are a variety of home loan options available today. Choosing the right one according to your personal circumstances and spending habits is an essential and key element in rapid mortgage reduction.

Learn more about The Different Types of Home Loans



Non-Conforming Lenders


Non-conforming, or sub-prime lending, has only sprung up as a significant market element since 1997. This has occurred because the conventional lenders have quite rigid lending guidelines which have failed to cater for the changing face of employment in Australia. This article provides:

  • An explanation of what sub-prime lending is and who the main players are

  • A summary of the interest rates, LVR's, and products available for non-conforming loans

  • What to look out for when seeking a non-conforming lender

 Learn more about Non-Conforming Lenders




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