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POSH - Property Owner System  






POSH - Property Owner System v15.0

We Accept PayPal

AuD $237 inc GST

Tax Deductible to Property Investors


POSH Professional - v15.0

We Accept PayPal

AuD $377 inc GST

Tax Deductible to Property Investors

Note: POSH v15.0 was released in January 2016. Supertech includes
6 mths of free version upgrades and technical support with your order.


Over $68 in free bonuses included with the POSH Property Owner System
on all orders placed before this coming

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 POSH - Property Owner System

Professional Analysis of Property Investments


POSH - the professional Property Owner System is designed for people who are planning to purchase properties as well as those who already own properties. It is the most powerful property analysis and management tool of its kind and is comprised of two major components...



1. A Property Analysis Component:


POSH analyses properties just like shares, by comparing

  • Gross / net yields

  • Dollars per sqm

  • Before and after tax cashflow

  • Capital growth

  • Internal rate of return

  • PE ratios

Analyse every property and rank a potential purchase against others to make the best possible investment. You can focus your analysis comparison on cashflow, capital growth or other criteria, and test different scenarios such as interest rate or inflation rate changes and see what proportion of your interest will be paid for by the renter and the taxman in each scenario.


You can also run unlimited "what if" analysis on the cashflow of your investment and its effect on your existing home loan. Check out your maximum borrowing capacity on different scenarios by taking into account your partner's income and existing investments... etc.




2. A Comprehensive Management Component:


POSH enables you to manage your properties by tracking:

  • Income & expenditure

  • Tenancy & lease

  • Mortgage & refinance

  • Loan interest

  • Annual depreciation schedules

You can track the payment history of tenants, print out rent receipts, or work out the capital gains tax you need to pay. With the budget function, you can even create a detailed budget and compare it with the actual spending.


The two components are fully integrated into a single system so that the analysis function will use the up-to-date information of your existing properties.


Combined with extensive reporting that shows you detailed calculation of capital gains tax, hence, whether you are planning to purchase properties or have already owned properties, POSH v15.0 provides you with helpful tools to enhance your property investment experience.






Properties Comparison and Analysis

POSH v15.0 enables you to analyse properties just like shares, by comparing their gross or net yields, dollars per sqm., before and after tax cash flow, capital growth, internal rate of return, and even PE ratios.

Use POSH to calculate how much the renter and taxman are sharing your interest bill. And rate your properties according to your own criteria by filling a simple form on each property (e.g. location, features, transport.. etc).



Property Management

POSH v15.0 provides you with the workflow to most resemble your property investment process, i.e. Inspection -> Purchase -> Mortgage -> Leasing -> Selling. Allows you track every income and expense, mortgage and refinance, depreciation, tenancy and event.



Home Loan Calculator and Payment Schedule

POSH v15.0 allows you to create unlimited simulation scenarios on your loan repayments, loan term, interest rate, or frequency of payment, and then generate the amortisation schedule to see how much principal and interest you are actually paying.

Work through the POSH version
15.0 tutorial to get a better grasp of mortgage reduction strategies and see how important an additional extra payment is in paying off your home loan over time!



Mortgage and Refinance

With POSH v15.0, you can specify up to two loan accounts (fixed or variable) and one transaction account for each property. With these accounts, you can track the actual transactions occurred as well as the updated loan balance, hence the up-to-date actual loan-to-value ratios.



Depreciation Schedule

POSH v15.0 allows you to track the tax depreciation in each financial year and how much you have claimed in the past. It handles both the prime cost, and diminishing value, low value pool methods and automatically rolls over all the items cost into the next financial year.



Group entry that simulates a typical rental statement

You can create a deposit or withdrawal record that links to multiple property incomes and expenses in a single screen. This is very useful in a situation where you want to record a bank deposit from a rental statement, which normally includes a gross rent, management fee, postage, sundry charges, and sinking fund. By using this function and saving it as "recurring", you can easily create these records with a few mouse clicks.



Multiple Ownerships

POSH caters for multiple owners for each property (Single, Joint Tenants, or Tenants in Common), and apportions the calculations and reporting accordingly.

During the analysis phase, you can use the Investment Analysis Report to specify the percentage of ownership and test the effect on different ownership percentage scenarios.

If you have a property in more than one name, you can include all the owners and their percentage owned in the purchase. POSH will proportion the property incomes and expenses according to the percentage owned.



Recurring Transaction

A lot of transactions are of a repetitive nature. POSH v15.0 saves you a lot of time by allowing you to save these transactions as "recurring". Once you save it as recurring, the following month you can click the "Use Recurring" button to retrieve its details. The new month will display last month's entry, and you need only make any necessary modifications save the transaction.



Tenancy Schedule and Lease History

With POSH, you can track the tenant, rental and lease history for each property in your portfolio.



Comprehensive Inspection CheckList

Print off the Property Owner System inspection checklist and bring it along to your inspections.



Import online bank transactions + support Quicken format

Import your transaction history from major banks and any online banking that supports Quicken format.



Bulk input facility

Bulk Entry allows you quickly add a group of income or expense records in an Excel-like style window. All records are added in a single button click.



Handle foreign currencies

POSH v15.0 allows you to easily create foreign currency accounts, deposit/withdraw funds in foreign currencies into/from local your currency account, and update the exchange rate for each currency.



Full budget tracking

Record your current year budget, see how it affects your home loan payment, track it with the actual spending and compare this with the previous year budget.



Preloaded council and locations in your state

Select the state that you are living in when you run POSH for the very first time. POSH will preload all the locations and councils for that state.



Frequently Used Property Related Websites

Allows you to keep track of the most frequent used property related websites. You can add as many groups or websites as you wish.



Easy to Use Interface and Performance

POSH v15.0 is a 32-bit application that runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64 bit versions)/Windows8. POSH comes with an easy to navigate interface where you can access most functions within a few mouse clicks.



Online Help / Manual

POSH includes extensive on-line help which can be accessed within the application, as well as tutorials which you can follow to understand and fully master all of the powerful features provided in POSH.


Additional POSH v15.0 Property Owner System Features Include:

  • Automatically calculate state specific property and mortgage stamp duties

  • Allows you to project investment before and after-tax cash flow, interest bill, value vs debt, equity vs total cash invested, several years in advance

  • Monitor the actual capital gains and current loan-to-value ratios on each property at any given time

  • Print an annual profit & loss statement for each property

  • Store all data on one small database which is generally small enough to even be stored on floppy disk for convenience!

  • Access free technical assistance by email, fax, or telephone (excluding cost of call)


Click here to view an extract from the POSH Brochure

Click here to view the Property Panel and a Description of Features


Links to sample POSH Reports in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format:

Click here to view a sample Investment Analysis Report

Click here to view a sample Cashflow Analysis Report

Click here to view a sample Profit & Loss Report

Click here to view a sample Value vs Debt Report

Click here to view a sample Equity vs Cash Invested Report

Click here to view a sample Interest Bill Proportion Report

Click here to view a sample Capital Gains Tax Report



Here's what the media have to say about POSH:


"Information on POSH is extremely easy to understand and fill in due to the fact the menu system consists almost purely of drop down menus with selections or very clear entries by relying on default settings on the software generated by raising a property profile....

All things said and done, POSH is extremely comprehensive and a powerful too in the hands of someone who had a interest in that field. I believe that it has enough features to fully work for a professional or someone currently working in the real estate market. I did find filling out so many forms to be encumbersome, however I do realise that for the person who would be making money from such information that it would not be a problem.

If you are into Real Estate then I strongly recommend POSH to you."

Tory Favro
PC Reviews, Impulsegamer.com

"...It has a simple user-friendly interface that walks you through each step of judging whether any individual property is likely to be a valuable addition to your portfolio...."
Karin Derkley
Personal Investment Magazine

"...It's slick, easy-to-use and could prove a valuable tool for those investors who like to take a hands-on approach to managing their property investments."
Penelope Morris
Your Mortgage Magazine

User Review
"I am a new user with this program, and I find it very comprehensive and useful. We have a number of properties and having a means for looking at our portfolio performance is very reassuring and useful."
Bob Spier, NSW


All orders for POSH Property Owner System v15.0 placed through us before this , will also receive the following free bonuses worth over $68:



Limited Time Bonus 1 - The Family Finance Planner Software 


Family Finance Planner

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* Comprehensive monthly home budget tracker allowing you to keep track of all your expenditure each month with a built-in feature to track how much over and under budget each item is, as well as automatically calculating all the totals for you. 

* Income/expenditure tracker to keep detailed records of your income and expenditure

* Yearly budget tracker allowing comprehensive data to be tracked over the period of a year, with automatic calculation of all totals. 

* Investment projection calculator to calculate how long you will need to save up before you can buy something you want, like a car, a holiday or a deposit for a house. 

* Car Leasing/Purchase calculator to automatically calculate whether you would be better off buying or leasing a new car.

In addition to the software, you'll receive a free credit guide with information on 50 different credit related topics including:

  • Making Sense Of Your Credit Report

  • Tips To Build Your Credit Today

  • Debt Negotiation

  • Building Business Credit

  • How Divorce Can Affect Your Credit Rating

  • Avoiding Getting Scammed When Repairing Your Credit

  • Three Critical Steps To Your First Home Mortgage

  • The Differences Between Secured And Unsecured Debt; and much, much more.



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The Law of Success in 16 Volumes

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This download contains 47 pages of excerpts from the first 4 lessons of the Law of Success in 16 Lessons. 

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The Secret of Wealth

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Limited Time Bonus 4 - The 1-2-3 Stock And Futures Trading Method 


1-2-3 Stock and Futures Trading Method

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1-2-3 Stock and Futures Trading Method
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A very simple trading technique, but without doubt one of the very best patterns for distinguishing a "newborn" trend that you will ever see.

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This is an informative 24 page eBook, but... Use at your own risk!



So Act Today and receive $68 in free bonuses in addition
to your POSH Property Owner System software



POSH - Property Owner System v15.0

Includes 6mths Free Version Upgrades & Tech Support

Option 1: Personal Edition

A$237 inc GST (software download link sent by email within 24hrs during business days)



Option 2:

Professional Edition

A$377 inc GST (software download link sent by email within 24hrs during business days)


- Order by Post (Cheque / Money Order)



System Requirements

PC running MS Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64 bit)/Windows 8/Windows10


We have 4 different POSH Software versions available. Click here for a comparison table of the different versions of POSH and their respective functionality.

POSH - Property Owner System


POSH Version Differences:

All versions of POSH allow you to manage an unlimited number of properties, but in the Personal Edition of POSH you are limited to two registered owners (or legal entities), whereas POSH Professional Edition allows you to create an unlimited number of investors.

So for example, if you have some properties owned in your name, some owned in your partner's name, and still others under a company or trust, you would need the Professional edition.

POSH Professional also includes a set of Loan Analysis Calculators not available in the Personal Edition of POSH.

POSH Professional also allows you to customise your property rating criteria, and allows for corporate branding of the output reports.