POSH - Property Owner System v 15.0

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Main Screen


POSH Property Owner System Main Screen



Property Portfolio


POSH Property Portfolio



Property Expenses


POSH Property Expenses



POSH Amortisation Schedule


POSH Property Software Amortisation Schedule




POSH Features


Property Management


POSH is designed to provide you with the workflow that most resembles your property investment process, ie. Inspection -> Purchase -> Mortgage -> Leasing -> Selling. Property management allows you track every income and expense, mortgage and refinance, depreciation, tenancy and events...etc.


Mortgage and Refinance


In POSH, a property can have more than one mortgage and each mortgage has two accounts: Loan and Transaction accounts. With these accounts, you can track the actual transactions as well as the updated loan balance, hence the up-to-date actual loan-to-value ratios.


Depreciation Schedule


POSH lets you track the depreciation in each financial year for a property that you purchased or sold. It handles both the prime cost or diminishing value methods and automatically rolls over all the item costs for each financial year.


Tenancy Schedule and Lease History


The Property Management component allows you to track the tenant and lease history for each property you have, as well as tenant events such as a maintenance history.


Home Loan Calculator and Payment Schedule


This feature allows you test various loan repayment scenarios, modifying the term, interest rate, or frequency of payment, etc.. and what effect this has on your mortgage reduction. Work through the POSH tutorial to understand why additional payments are an important factor in paying off your home loan faster.

You can also print off the payment schedule to see how much principal and interest you are actually making with each payment, .


Comprehensive Inspection Checklist


With POSH, you can easily print off the inspection checklist and take it with you to each inspection.


Import online bank transactions + Support Quicken Format


You can easily import your transaction history from four major banks and St. George bank. In addition, you can import data from any online banking that supports Quicken format.


Foreign Currency


With POSH's built-in foreign currency module, you can manage foreign currency accounts, deposit/withdraw funds in foreign currencies into/from local currency accounts, as well as update the exchange rate for each currency.


Bulk Entry


Bulk Entry allows you quickly add a group of income or expense records in an Excel-like window. All records are added in a single button click.


Group Entry


In additional to Deposit and Withdrawal functions that automatically link to a single property income and expense group, a Group Entry window is included to allow you to enter a bank deposit or withdrawal that links to multiple property incomes and expenses in a single screen.

This is very useful in a situation where you want to record a bank deposit from a rental statement, which normally includes a gross rent, management fee, postage, sundry charges, and sinking fund…etc. By using this function and saving it as Recurring, you can easily create these records with a few mouse clicks.


Recurring Transaction


Since a lot of transactions are of repetitive nature, POSH can save you a lot of time by allowing you to save transactions as recurring. Once you save a recurring transaction, you can click the Use Recurring button to retrieve its details, modify just the date or other details and save the transaction.


Multiple Ownership


With POSH, you can record multiple owners in each property investment.

During the analysis phase, you can use the Investment Analysis Report to specify the percentage of ownership and test the effect on different ownership percentage scenarios.

When you purchase the property in more than one name, you can include all the owners and their percentage owned in the purchase. POSH will apportion the property income and expenses according to the percentage owned.


Budget Tracking


With a new budget capability, you can record your current year budget, see how it affects your home loan repayment, track it with the actual spending and compare this with the previous year's budget.


Preload Councils and Locations in Your State


An window is available allowing you to select the state that you are living in. POSH will preload all the locations and councils for that state.


Frequently Used Property Related Websites


POSH is preloaded with a number of frequently used property related websites, allowing you to navigate to these sites at the click of a button. You can add as many groups or websites as you wish.


Easy to Use Interface and Performance


POSH is a 32-bit application that runs on Windows platform (2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7 32bit & 64bit). POSH comes with an easy to navigate interface allowing you to access most functions with a few mouse clicks.


Online Help / Manual


POSH has extensive on-line help which can be accessed from within the application, as well as the tutorials which you can follow to understand POSH.


Free Technical Support and Upgrade


The manufacturer provides free technical support for all our products via phone, fax, email or web-based helpdesk, provided you register the product with them after purchase.

They also provide free upgrades and bug fixes to the software (major release upgrades not included).



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POSH - Property Owner System v15.0

Includes 6mths Free Version Upgrades and Technical Support


Option 1:
Personal Edition



Option 2:
Professional Edition


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System Requirements

PC running MS Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64bit)/Windows 8/Windows10


We have 4 different POSH Software versions available. Click here for a comparison table of the different versions of POSH and their respective functionality.

POSH - Property Owner System


POSH Version Differences:

All versions of POSH allow you to manage an unlimited number of properties, but in the Personal Edition of POSH you are limited to two registered owners (or legal entities), whereas POSH Professional Edition allows you to create an unlimited number of investors.

So for example, if you have some properties owned in your name, some owned in your partner's name, and still others under a company or trust, you would need the Professional edition.

POSH Professional also includes a set of Loan Analysis Calculators not available in the Personal Edition of POSH.

POSH Professional also allows you to customise your property rating criteria, and allows for corporate branding of the output reports.


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