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Property Investment Software


POSH - Property Owner System v13.0

$237 inc GST

Includes over $58 in free bonuses on all orders
placed before



Do you want to:

  • Have a sophisticated tool to analyse properties and determine the best deal?

  • Monitor the LVR, internal rate of return, and capital growth rate of your properties?

  • Know how much the taxman and tenant are contributing to your interest bill?

  • Easily determine how much depreciation you can claim on your properties each year?

  • Easily track all records and transactions relating to the acquisition, management and sale of your properties?

  • Simulate different 'What if' scenarios on interest rates, payment frequency & amount, and loan amortisation?

If you answered 'Yes' to the above questions,
you should take a look at POSH


POSH - Property Owner System





Property Investor - No Longer Available As At May 2010


Property Investor allows you to take control of your property investments and save '000s by correctly analysing prospective purchases and managing existing properties in your portfolio. It's features include:

  • Purchase assessment for a new property; Analysis and explanation of your investment performance; Estimates of growth and sale value

  • What If analysis; Projected cash flow & equity; Financial Ratios

  • Buy & sell any number of properties; Calculation of depreciable assets, borrowing expenses and building allowance

  • Track investment growth in comparison to target rates; Simple charts; Break-even points; Measure by year & property; Monitor rent yields

Learn more about Property Investor


Property Investor





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