StockMarket Plus v.11

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Note: The screen shots below relate to version 5 of StockMarket Plus. The current version is v.11.

Download the Features Guide for StockMarket Plus version 8 here



Easy To Use

Navigate through the program with the simple menu structure.

This award-winning personal investment software tool has been specifically designed to manage all types of investments.

Features such as the Decision Making Assistant, Investment Calculators, and Charting Tools, allow you to make actual or potential decisions like a professional.

No more poor and ill-informed decisions

Join the thousands of novice and professional investors using MAUS Stockmarket Plus to grow their investments. 


MAUS Stockmarket Plus Interface




Manage Risks

Too many investors make poor investment decisions because of a lack of adequate information.

MAUS Stockmarket Plus will allow you to access up-to-date information and convert it into an easily comprehensible format, greatly improving your chance of maximum returns!

For example, if you buy 1000 shares in company ABC at $1.00, and pay $100 in brokerage fees,
MAUS Stockmarket Plus will remind you that the share price should be at $1.10 for break-even, and $1.16 in order to give you a 5% return.

MAUS Stockmarket Plus not only acts as a Portfolio Management and Charting System, it also provides sophisticated, yet simple-to-use analytical tools so you can successfully monitor and evaluate the performance of your investments.

In essence,
MAUS Stockmarket Plus substantially reduces the varying degrees of risk inherent in any form of investment.


MAUS Stockmarket Plus Portfolio



** Australia's leading portfolio management software **

Finalist in the Channel Nine Business Software Award




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(note: the screen shots above are from version 5 of the program)

Click here to download the StockMarket Plus v.8 Features Guide

(note: the screen shots in the pdf are from CCH's previous version 8 of the
program; MAUS have re-purchased the rights to the software and have
enhanced and upgraded it to v11)



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MAUS StockMarket Plus v.11

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System Requirements

PC running MS Windows 2000/XP/XP Pro/Vista/7



MAUS Stock Market Plus version 9



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