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Wealth Education





Wealth Education


1. Building Wealth Through Investment Property



2. Selecting The Right Investment Property




Vendor Financing (Wraps)


Vendor finance has been around for a long time, but has only recently received increased exposure as it was the vehicle used by Robert Kiyosaki associate, US investor John Burley, on his journey to financial freedom. Many Australian real estate investors have now adopted the technique and are practising it here.


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Lease-Option Property Investment


Using an Option or Lease-Option can enable you to control property for very little down payment. As an investor, this can be great if your research has identified that a particular market is on an upward trend. You could take out an Option to purchase at a given price in 2004, allow market growth to increase the value of the property, and qualify for 100% finance (read: No Money Down) in 2006.


This is only one example of how lease-options can be used. Investors can make a very profitable business out of creating lease-option "sandwiches" - simultaneously securing and onselling properties using Lease-Options, and creating a profit margin in the process.

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Joint Venture Agreements


Want to purchase property but don't have or don't want to kick in a deposit?
Want to purchase property but don't want to take on the debt for it? 
Want to sell your negatively geared properties but still benefit from their capital growth?

You can achieve all these things using Joint Venture Agreements.


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Second Mortgages


If you are unable to obtain 100% finance from your main financier, and you either do not have, or do not wish to pay, the 5% to 20% deposit required to secure a property, you can offer a second mortgage on the property to another party.


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Wealth Education

The Secrets of an Internet Millionaire


Discover the secrets of an Internet millionaire in this exclusive interview with online marketing guru Corey Rudl. Corey is the author of the #1 best-selling course, "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" and is one of the most recognised names in Internet marketing today.


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