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Website Templates


There are 4 resources on this page to help you create your own website on a shoe-string...


1. Website Templates


A website template will allow you create your own professional looking website for a fraction of what you would pay a web-design company to create a tailored site of the same standard for your business.


Instead of forking out $2000 to $3000, website templates start from less than US$20 and come in many business design categories (restaurants, architecture, dental/medical, florists, etc...). Our affiliate partner, Template Monster, also have advanced Flash based web-designs as well as a huge range of logos for your business branding.


Click here to find out more about what's available.



2. Website Template Customisation


If you find a design you like but don't wish to modify or tailor it yourself, there is another service available through Template Tuning. These guys specialise is the customisation of website templates. They can even design a custom logo for your site. And again, their prices are a fraction of the cost of what a web-design company would charge you.


Click here to find out more about web template customisation.



3. Online Website Builder


Don't have FrontPage or DreamWeaver and don't care to buy them or learn web page creation? No problem. Another service called Site 2 You allows you to create your own website, step by step, using their user-friendly, advanced web site builder that lets nearly anyone create a successful website quickly, and at a great price!


Click here to find out more about the website builder service.



4. Step by Step Video Coaching on How To Create A Website


The most common website creation program is called FrontPage, and it comes included as a part of the MicroSoft Office suite for the more recent versions of Windows such as Windows XP and XP Professional. So the chances are that you already have this program on your PC.


Now comes to learning how to use it... and learning how to do all the other tasks necessary to setup a website. Well the good news is that this isn't rocket science, and the best resource that I have come across to show even the most technically challenged how to setup a website is the Hot Marketing Videos site. It also covers setting up a business using eBay.

This site carries over 300 videos that show you step by step how to do such things as:

  1. How to register a domain name and setup a website

  2. How to add audio to your website

  3. How to create password protected members areas

  4. How to create ebooks (including the free tools to do it)

  5. How to set up a blog

  6. How to install impact popups & autoresponders

  7. How to run an eBay business

At $47 p/yr, the Hot Marketing Videos site is a great value video coaching resource!

- You can register .com domain names for about $10 here:

- And you can host a website from only A$3.97 p/mth here:

So if you are struggling with the technical aspects of generating a living online, or even possibly the cost, you now no longer have an excuse


You might like to also download our free Website Startup QuickStart Guide:






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