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If you've ever wanted to make

money by investing in property then ...


"Discover The Inside Short-Cut Secrets Of A Real Estate Expert On How To Quickly And Easily Invest In Property So That You Make Positive Cash Flow From Day One"


... Even If You Have No Experience, And

Absolutely No Clue On How To Get Started!




WARNING: Do Not Even Think About Investing In Property Until You Read This Important Letter ...


You Are Just Moments Away From Discovering ...


  • Step-by-step advice you can use to start Seller Financing houses and make positive cash flow from day 1 (even if you’ve never done it before)

  • Every single contract, solicitor’s letter and legal form you need to make successful and hassle-free real estate transactions

  • Countless updated audio interviews with my students (who were once in your shoes) but now are seller financing houses - and how you can too!

  • All the latest tips, techniques and trends so you can get from property investor "newbie" to black belt status quickly

  • Exactly what to say "word for word" to buy many properties at a 10-15% discount and how to sell them again at market value (this is super easy to do when you know how)

  • All the frequently asked questions since the product was first released now answered on a special FAQ CD

  • Plus much, much more ...


Rick Otton"How To Produce A Positive Cash Flow Income By Investing In Property In Your Spare Time ..."


From Rick Otton
Friday, 11:45 am

Dear Property Investor,

The Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ (formerly Wrap Pack™) is a proven, step-by-step system providing passive income in real estate ... as well as doing something worthwhile for making the Australian dream of owning a home come true for regular people with perfectly good credit and the ability to pay off a loan.

And you know what? Seller financing using this system is not new (in fact, the system has been around since the early 1900's). But few have received the education this course provides as much has been lost to the passing of time.

I’ve been running my business WE BUY HOUSES for over 14 years now and have established it in other countries using this system outlined in The Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ Wrap Pack.

So instead of working your butt off over the next decade through costly trial and error - YOU CAN NOW SHORTCUT the whole process by copying exactly what I do. So come on, join me! It’s never going to get any easier than this to create a steady, positive cash flow income!

You can learn how to turn the equity you currently have in your home into a useful tool - SAFELY and EASILY. It’s an opportunity that’s available to anyone who either owns their own house or is paying one off (what’s interesting is that 70% of the people using my system start off with no property at all!).




Which Of These Scenarios Is Stopping

YOU From Generating Positive Cash Flow?


You may have this huge asset sitting around (your home), but you don’t really know how to make the money tied up in it work for you.

You may feel there must be a better way than being negatively geared! The system of investing that most Australians use is "negatively geared real estate." Maybe you’ve tried it. This is where you buy a house and have people rent it from you. Where you put in perhaps $40-$45 a week and the tenant puts in the rest in order to pay off your mortgage.

Problem is this: You’re constantly running at a loss because you have to put your hand in your pocket EVERY week to support your mortgage payments. And then you hang out for your accountant to get you back some money at the end of the tax year. Meanwhile you’re cash poor and life passes by without you...



Here's Why You Should Listen To Me ...


Hi. My name is Rick Otton. I was featured on the Hot Property tv program on channel 7 in October 2007. I’m a guy who was using the old system of negative gearing but was doing so based on the theory that one day I could leave my job that I disliked so much. Problem was the more I negative geared the more I was stuck at the same job to make the loan repayments.

Figured out that even if I won the rate race…I was still a rat! So I moved to the USA and discovered this simple system of investing. By discovering what the experts did, I was able to build a lucrative real estate portfolio over there. (The system wasn’t the only good thing I found in the States - I also found my wife!)

Of course, you know what it’s like — a few years ago when I went to apply this same positive cash flow system here in Australia, many people said … "It won’t work here mate." And you know what I said? "Watch me."



Mike Collins


"Now We Generate $6,000 A Month Positive Cash Flow Income And About $80,000 Equity"


"We've attended a couple of Rick and Jane's seminars. We've found his information to be very clear and very easy to follow.

It's been quite successful for us. Our first year we did 3 houses and now we've generated about $6,000 a month positive cash flow income and have built up about $80,000 in equity. I've found Rick and Jane easy to talk to."


Mike Collins - Kairi, QLD





"What Does Your Trading

Business 'We Buy Houses' Do?"


My business does a couple of things, but mainly it involves helping people who can’t qualify for a bank loan. They’re not "losers" (as many people refer to people in that situation) - they’re usually self-employed.

And if you’ve ever experienced what it’s like to get a loan, when you run your own small business, then you’ll know how hard it is. This also affects new Australians or people who haven’t had a long enough savings record to satisfy the bank’s requirements.

So their credit is not in doubt at all. They’re not criminals for goodness sake. Banks however just follow what their software tells them. Instead of evaluating folks on their individual merit. And My Courses Are The Exact Copy Of Our Business Model:



"You Feel Good ... You Help Someone ...

And You Make Money At The Same Time"


The Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ Wrap Pack System is all about seller financing properties using terms contracts. Here’s how it works.

First you buy a house at a discount. And purchasing houses for less than market value is not difficult (and my course walks you thru the steps, too).

Next, you make the house available to a qualified buyer, at the market price, and then finance them into the home. And the buyer makes home payments to you every month just like paying the bank.




It’s About Creating Positive

Cash Flow From Day One


The system helps you establish, before you purchase a property, how much it will cash flow.

You find properties at a discount and make these available at market value by seller financing. The difference between what you owe your lender and what is owed to you is passed to you when your property buyers refinance, providing you with a lump sum as well as the monthly income stream during the holding period.

Add to this the deposit your new buyers give to you when they first move in the property and you’ll see why seller financing is once again becoming popular.




The Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ Is Unlike Any Other

Course, Seminar Or Product You've Ever Seen Before ...


Rick Otton's Wrap Pack



Here is some of what you’ll learn in the Australian Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ Wrap Pack. You’ll discover:

  • What Vendor-Financing is and how you can use it to create a massive increase in positive cash flow

  • My favorite POWER QUESTION for revealing if a house is OVER-priced! (page 44)

  • The 4 possible exit strategies for your investment and which one almost always FAILS! (knowing this alone is priceless)

  • How to turn ‘wrapping’ into your own business (that’s right, you can leave your job and just buy houses for a living - that’s exactly what I do!)

  • Dirt-cheap ways to promote your house and special "home buying program"

  • The "magic words" which are proven to get bigger deposits from your buyers!

  • Why positive cash flow beats the pants off any other investment strategy you’ve ever used or are likely to use in the future

  • The 6 benefits of a wrap for you - the seller (you’ll make money 3 different ways and you’ll spend hardly any of your own cash at all!)

  • "The 5% rule" - and how it will become your immediate discount for the rest of your life when buying property

  • 8 things you CAN’T afford to leave out of your advertising

  • How to buy an investment property for thousands of dollars below the market value (this is so amazing, yet so simple, you’ll probably beat yourself up for all the money you’ve lost over the years)

  • The nifty little secret that IS "the 5% rule" - and how it will become your immediate discount for the rest of your life when buying property

  • How to quickly and easily identify a suburb you shouldn’t touch

  • The 7 things you MUST make sure are in working order before someone buys a home from you (See page 65)

  • The exact signage I use to have potential buyers swarming over my properties (don’t change a single thing! Just use the sign template I provide and wait for the phone to ring - YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE RESPONSE!!)

  • The 2 "beginner’s mistakes" which could cost you thousands of dollars (Now, how do you think I know these 2 mistakes? ANSWER: I made both of them - but never again. You can learn from my costly error)

  • The dangerous pitfall of expensive properties (believe me, just because a property is expensive doesn’t mean it’s a good investment - ignore this at your own risk!)

  • 3 ways to buy ANY property at a minimum 10%-15% discount!!

  • How to automate all the procedures so that your positive cash flow appears like clockwork each month in your bank account!

  • 4 Proven ads you can place in a newspaper (yes, they’re my actual tested ads) to get more response than you can handle (page 79)

  • The types of buyers who will be the backbone of your property empire!

  • The 8 things you MUST do before you work with a real estate agent (this will save you oodles of time and make the whole process a breeze instead of a stressed out drama - find this on page 40)

  • The only 3 things you want to accomplish on your first day ‘on the job’

  • An actual copy of the exact Property Inspection Summary Form that I use every time I check out a new property (this simple form has saved my memory a whole heap of strain, not to mention making sure I check out every house thoroughly before I make an offer) - yours to use free of charge

  • 4 ‘killer’ questions for real estate agents (used properly they could even help you to get a discount greater than 15%!!)

  • REVEALED: The one thing that really gets up real estate agents noses (direct from the horses mouth) and why you should never contemplate doing it unless you want to pay more than you should (you could even do this and be unaware of the consequences of your actions - but now you’ll know from my own experience)

  • 6 ways to negotiate for big savings

  • Exactly how much to put down as a deposit on a home (and often it’s nowhere near the accepted "10%")

  • A 3 paragraph script for making sure your offer gets accepted FAST

  • AN ACTUAL ‘WRITTEN OFFER’ FORM: I told you I included everything for you, so here’s the actual form I use to make a written offer to a seller (it has all the right wording etc, so that you don’t need to worry about it - EVERYTHING’S DONE FOR YOU).

  • The 15 most common mistakes you can make when buying an investment property (You'll probably never discover these on your own. But I'll show you how to avoid these potentially crippling mistakes NOW!)

  • My simple … but super profitable 11-Step Sales System - the very plan that if you just follow it to the letter, will very likely make passive income!!

  • A simple script you can use to pre-qualify buyers on the phone (this is the actual word-for-word script I use to make sure I deal with players - not timewasters … it’s a simple "paint by numbers" approach)

  • The 4 most important things you need to know before you exchange contracts

  • Don’t blow it! Use my Customer Service Tips to make sure your transaction fits like a glove for both you and the buyer

  • Why you want to spend as little money as possible on preparing a house for sale (this is the exact opposite of what nearly every single investor teaches - yet it’s how I turn my homes into goldmines!)

  • 3 simple rules you should follow when designing a powerful sign to sell your home

  • 4 low-cost ways to create mind-blowing drive-up appeal for any home

  • How to know for sure you’re paying the lowest possible price for your investment property (this one’s worth its weight in gold - there’s no truer saying than "you make money on your investment when you BUY, not when you SELL!" - see page 28)

  • How to fast-track your house for sale

  • How to know how much to price your investment house BEFORE you sell it

  • Don’t even think of buying a house if it contains these 4 things! (see page 32)

  • 2 hot words that get your phone ringing off the hook from buyers frantic to have your house (don't question these words — just use them and profit!)

  • 7 ‘killer’ headlines you can use in your ads to get an avalanche of response

  • The one thing you must NEVER ever do in your ads - failing to follow this insight could mean a 90% drop in calls (see page 76)

  • How to easily get your ad noticed by potential buyers (Even when there are hundreds of other ads, you can use these strategies to make sure YOUR AD is the first one they call!)

  • Plus much, much more!


... And Believe It Or Not, That's Just A Fraction

Of What's Revealed Inside The Wrap Pack!


That's just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more contained inside this course. Insider information that you won't find in any other course, seminar or book. Everything's based on real-life, in-the-trenches experience. There's no fluff or filler.


And again, it doesn't stop there. You'll also learn ...

  • 8 ways to instantly set-up an on-going referral system that brings you buyer after buyer (costing only cents in the dollar to run, - see page 90)

  • Introducing the "Silent Salesman" - yes, you don't even have to be there when your potential buyer inspects the house (this time saving device is imported from America - your buyer inspects the property without you)

  • Ask these 4 key questions in order to easily find the right buyer

  • My simple formula for calculating the minimum acceptable income of your buyer (use the formula to quickly know if a buyer earns enough money to afford the mortgage payments - page 96)

  • 10 easy ways to make house inspections easy for you!

  • The actual Application Form I give to potential buyers (yours to use free of charge - everything you need to know about the buyer is on the form - this literally saves you well over 50-60 hours creating and perfecting your own application form)

  • My techniques for ‘closing the sale’ on your homes (including WHERE you must meet your client to sign the final papers - nearly everyone gets this wrong and it can end up costing YOU more $$$)

  • WHAT to send to buyers IMMEDIATELY after they buy your house (because I’ve done hundreds of these deals, I can tell you exactly what to do - and this one is absolutely critical to the success of your wrap)

  • How to systemize EVERYTHING to run automatically!

  • What to do if a buyer can’t make their monthly payments (I’ll show you how to create a win-win solution that works for you and the buyer)



Here's Just A Few Of The Many

Success Stories We've Received ...



"Purchased 2 Properties Both Under

Market Rate And Made $65,000!"


"We purchased The Wrap Pack in December 2002 and have been busy setting up the systems to allow wrapping on a business scale. We went through the pack and the audio program many times and were able to have a full understanding of the system and so far we have had no reason to ask any questions of Rick...all is covered in the Wrap Pack. We have purchased 2 properties both under market rate and made $65,500. We have another 4 in our sights. Great pack Rick."

Westley Button, Woodend, VIC


Update April 2006


We are now 3 years from the start of using the Wrap Pack and I have bought 54 properties and wrapped 48 of them... Cashflow is now mega bucks with the lifestyle to go with it...

Check out our web site: www.pelican-invest.com


0402 458 093







"Sold 2 At A Very Handsome Profit ...

Retired On The Positive Cash Flow"


"When I sent for the Wrap Pack, we had 32 rental properties and were sick of being a 'Landlord'. We have since sold 2 at a very handsome profit and retired a big hunk of debt, wrapped 13, and retired on the positive cash flow. Over the next year we will Wrap the remainder and be able to spend more time sipping those little umbrella drinks you mention".

Alf & Yvonee Stanley, Rotorua, New Zealand







"$220,000 Richer In Less Than A Year"


"We have wrapped 5 properties since we bought The Wrap Pack in October 2002. The properties we have wrapped are generating a positive cash flow in excess of $100 per week per property. i.e. $650 per week cash positive to date. We have locked in profits from $30,000 to $50,000 per property.

Our capital gain is in the order of $220,000 since we bought the Wrap Pack in October 02. We had attended an American seminar but it didn't provide the necessary nitty gritty details to make it happen. Rick Otton’s Wrap Pack filled in the gaps.'

John & Wendy Dugan, Pullenvale, QLD






You’ll Also Receive $2,500 Worth Of

Legal Forms And Helpful Letters!


Here's a list of the many invaluable forms, letters and contracts you'll find in The Wrap Pack (these have cost me thousands to have written by experts) ...

  • A Buyer Contact Sheet (which makes sure you get down all the important details you need)

  • A credit file letter (which makes it a cinch to check the credit of your potential buyer)

  • A First Home Owner Grant form letter

  • Payout information form

  • 2 refinance letters

  • A legal Transfer Document

  • A payout letter

  • A confirmation letter to the buyer

The Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ Wrap Pack even includes legal contracts for NSW ... Victoria ... Queensland ... And Western Australia (Tasmania uses Victoria's documents, and Northern Territory and ACT uses New South Wales’ documents), as well as the contact details of the right solicitor to use for your State or Territory!


Everything you need to get going is included in the Wrap Pack, and yet we made sure it was written in easy-to-understand English that makes everything a breeze to understand.

Plus I’ve included proven scripts for:

  • Speaking to agents

  • Pre-qualifying prospects on the phone

  • Running open house inspections

  • Selecting the right buyer...



"Will The Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ Work For Me?"


I don’t know anything about you ... your ability to take action ... how persistent you are ... or even how willing you are to learn. It is what I use today and many, many others have copied the system and are doing quite well…


What I do know is this:

Everything I give you in The Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ has been 100% proven to work by me. I created it. I refined it. I’ve performed hundreds of these transactions RIGHT HERE IN AUSTRALIA.

What’s more, I take you step-by-step through every part of the process. Like a coach taking a player through the motions. And I make EVERYTHING dead-easy to understand. Also you WILL have me there to hold your hand along the way.



... I'm The Only Aussie With 14 Years Worth Of

Experience In Wrapping For Positive Cash Flow


I am an Aussie with 14 long years experience doing what I do in a number of countries and therefore when you need assistance you can rest easy that there will be no question or situation I cannot assist you with because I’ve been before you. I’m also that funny guy you occasionally see on the TV when the media or Govt need to interview somebody about seller financing in Australia.

Now, do I say this to impress you? Not really. Just to make sure you know I’m here. With me, the advice you get is based on ... "been there, done that". In fact, I'm doing it everyday through my business "We Buy Houses."



What's A Resource Like This Really Worth?


Rick Otton's Wrap Pack


If I was to sit down with you in my office and explain my whole system ... and give you the ins and the outs of the industry ... and show you all my ads and explain my contracts etc, I estimate it would take around 12 intense hours of my time. - but it would cost you $6,000 for the day.

That’s why I created The Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ Wrap Pack - so you could get the systems and formulas for a fraction of what it would cost you normally. And the question I had to ask myself was, how easy can I make this for people to obtain bearing in mind I have to support it?

So for $2,997 You can take advantage of my EASY INSTALMENT PLAN. Here it is: Just $1,050 down now ... then $1,050 a month for 2 months (TOTAL: $3,150). Register today, you get the whole kit and caboodle sent to you immediately.

Or, if you want to SAVE $250 on the entire package - INVEST IN THE WHOLE COURSE RIGHT NOW! Which reduces your investment to just $2,897. A big $250 ‘thank you’ for one lump sum.

But I also want you to come out way ahead, so I’m going to make this an irresistible offer for you. Because if you order in the next 10 days only, I’m going to give you 8 AMAZING BONUSES worth more than the entire purchase price. Here’s what I’m talking about...



Order Today And You'll Get 7 Valuable

Bonus Gifts ... Absolutely Free!



FREE BONUS #1: (valued at $800!)


"The Wrap Pack Audio Programme"



I’m always looking for easier and better ways to help people understand how to become financially free. And I know that some people learn better when things are in paper form, while others learn more effectively when they ‘hear’ information. So no matter which type of person you are, your learning preference is covered.


What’s on the CDs?

  • CD 1 - “What To Do Tomorrow To Get Started”
    Here, I answer some of the most commonly asked questions about seller financing. You'll even hear me on the phone with a real person who is asking me the things he wants to know. And because his questions were right on the money, I decided to include the actual recording for you here.

  • CD 2 - “How To Create A Money-Making Machine!”
    Here, again, you'll hear me talking LIVE with some people who are presently out performing in the market place following my system. You'll hear the stuff that you would normally only discover when you were going through it yourself. But with this 'fly on the wall' presentation, you'll discover how easy it is to buy and wrap houses before you do it!

  • CD 3 - “How To Identify The Right House And Buyer”
    You get the most simplistic, easy to understand description of wraps you’ve ever heard. I guarantee you’ll experience one of those “Aha!” moments. You know ... when “the penny finally drops?” That’s what you'll get out of this session. In fact, I think that you’ll get so excited by this tape, that you’ll find it’s one you listen to over and over. Hey, why not? It’s like listening to an old sailor tell you where hundreds of thousands of dollars in treasure is buried. You never get sick of hearing how to make serious money, right?

  • CD 4 - “Insider Secrets: How Positive Cash Flow Really Works!”
    Here, I go a little deeper. I tell you why it all works so well and precisely how you can profit with each house transaction. You know, the lifestyle provided is simply unmatched. And on this programme you’ll learn the logical systems (so if your friends or family ask you how it all works, you’ll be able to confidently answer any question that comes your way. Won’t that feel good!)

  • CD 5 - “How To Structure Deals For Maximum Profit!”
    Here is where I give you some advanced strategies for fine tuning your profits and making sure you leave no money on the table. So that you make the maximum profits from any situation. The pure money-making information on this tape alone is worth the entire purchase price. This is about making the most money possible from any situation.

  • CD 6 - “Lease Options Or Instalment Contracts?”
    Wraps sometimes get confused with Lease Options or Installment Contracts (and if you aren’t familiar with these yet, don’t worry). Here I explain the differences that may affect you, and which method will benefit you most. Particularly relevant to the State or Territory you live in. Very important information, and many of these strategies I have never released before.

  • CD 7 - “Easy Ways To Attract Motivated Buyers”
    You’ll enjoy this one immensely. Because here I sit back and go over with you the things that you simply MUST know. Concepts and strategies like why you should never buy the cheapest house possible … or how to buy a house for 80 cents on the dollar. You actually hear me talk with a lady called Valerie as I explain these big but very simple concepts (and you’ll even hear the response she’s getting from her newspaper ads!). What we’re talking about here is gaining a more complete understanding of the whole picture. Making everything super-clear and giving you the confidence to deal with any situation you come across.

  • CD 8 - “The Do’s And Don’ts For Newbies”
    This is an incredibly valuable guide that points out the ‘black & white’ rules for those who like clear guidelines on what they should and should not do. This is a great way to start out. Then as you grow in your understanding of the process, you'll be able to get creative with it. But you must know these "do's and don'ts" first.

  • CD 9 - “The Key To Real Estate Success: How To Pre-Qualify Buyers”
    This one’s a beauty. You’ll hear me interview my wife Jane. See, we both have our own duties when we work together. Typically, I’ll BUY the houses. And Jane SELLS the houses. So what I wanted to let you in on is how Jane sells our houses so easily. And I’m talking about how she has buyers virtually throwing themselves at her JUST to be the one who “gets chosen” to buy the house. It’s amazing. And so on this CD, you’ll discover the simple secrets for filtering out the curious, from the serious. Knowing these amazing distinctions could literally be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you in the next 12 months.

  • CD 10 - “How To Turn Problems Into Opportunities”
    Hey, ever wondered if you’re asking the right questions in order to get the right answers? What if you’re not? You simply can’t know EVERY question you should be asking, right? So on this CD, I’m put on the spot with the most-often-asked questions I ever get. Literally, the best of the best from seminars, my website, by phone, in person. So that YOU don’t have to rack your brain, I’ll go through each one and answer them in full - including “How do you negotiate a discount in a hot market?” ... “What kind of house is the best to start out with?” ... and so many more.

  • CD 11 - “How A Win-Win Approach Can Make You Money”
    I love proof that something works, don’t you? Well on this CD, you’ll hear me LIVE on the phone with folks around the country who are doing transactions as we speak - following the exact same formulas, techniques and systems as found in The Ultimate Cashflow Accelerator™ Wrap Pack. Some with 4 or 5 homes under their belt. Even more. Well guess what? Though they’re now getting very good at it, they’re also encountering new challenges everyday. And so you’ll hear me answer their queries and look at their situations in detail. I mean, this is the sort of inside info NO-ONE HAS EVER PROVIDED BEFORE. You truly couldn’t ask for more profitable and easily applicable, real-life advice.

  • CD 12 - “A Perpetual Positive Cash Flow Machine”
    You know what? There was so much good information on these LIVE phone calls to people who have invested in The Wrap Pack and are actually doing it, that I decided NOT to cut it short. And so this CD is basically “Part 2.” You’ll hear me go into detail with people like Jasmine, where she grills me with questions like, “How do I go about checking a potential buyer’s credit rating?” ... “What sort of house do I look for to wrap?” ... and “How can we get clients to refinance after a few years so that we can realise our full profit?” How good would it be to know the answers to these questions? YOU GET’ EM ON THIS CD!






FREE BONUS #2: (valued at $800)


"Transcriptions Of The Wrap

Pack Audio Program"



That’s right. EVERY SINGLE WORD of the 12 CD Wrap Pack Audio Program is transcribed for you in a separate folder! So you won’t miss a thing. You can follow along word for word. Or study it as a complete document containing some of the most important answers you’ll ever need.






FREE BONUS #3: (valued at $105)


"The Vendor Finance (Wraps) Calculator"



Do you ever have trouble doing the math on loans and variables and fees etc? Well this little gem does all the calculating for you. Nice and easy. It took me years to locate this fantastic tool, and now I wouldn’t be without it.

Look, maybe you’re a scholar and adding up all the things to do with investing is easy for you. But for me, this calculator is an essential tool. It’s simple to use and it has only the buttons you absolutely need. YOURS FREE when you order in the next 10 days.






FREE BONUS #4: (valued at $125)


"Cash Creator Software"



This amazing software gives you the simplest and easiest way to know what’s going on with your loan statements. In fact, we designed it ourselves (because nothing else provided the detailed results we needed).

It lets you know your current daily loan balances ... the dates that payments are received ... interest expenses ... late fees and other loan expenses (tracking all the money going in and out of your account).

Plus, all the necessary components and rates can be very simply changed at any time to reflect YOUR loan down to a ‘T’. And your results are printable (and email able) so you can create different statements for each property and keep them all on file, or send them to your accountant or solicitor.






FREE BONUS #5: (valued at $94)


"A LIVE 23 Minute Conversation Between

Rick Otton And New Wrapper Allen"



Listen in LIVE as Alan explains how he went about his first purchase using the methods explained in The Wrap Pack. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How Alan bought a 3 bedroom property that was selling for $265,000 - but got it for only $250,000!

  • Precisely how many houses he looked at BEFORE he decided on this fantastic deal (a rule you’ll want to follow too)

  • Why Alan didn’t settle on a house that was much cheaper and much affordable for his budget - $215,000 - but instead insisted on paying more

  • Exactly how The Wrap Pack shows you what to do - living proof it works

  • The 19-word magic question you can ask your real estate agent to find out if you’re REALLY getting as good a deal as he says you are - before you hand over a cent!

  • My advice on why 80% of people will happily pay Alan $280,000 on the spot for the home he’s just bought (which represents an instant profit of $15,000). But guess what? He could easily get much more!

  • The secret about your asking price: the number ‘7’ - which makes your property easier to sell!!

  • My little-known rule about your "first wrap deal" which will end up making you very rich

  • The best day of the year to buy a house for a wrap deal (plus the 2nd best day of the year!)

  • The 7-word killer question you can use to save money when you buy!


"And How Daryl & Barbara Made

$40,000 On Their First Wrap Deal"

  • How they paid only $235,000 for the home when it was valued at $265,000

  • Exactly how Daryl and Barbara put their "marketing machine" to work and attracted buyers like moths to a light (literally hundreds of people absolutely desperate to buy!)

  • How they found the ‘right’ buyer - and how you can too

  • The amazing psychology of selling to a husband and wife - and the one rule you should always follow if you want to make sure you sell your property

  • How they sold the home for $275,000 in as little as 4 weeks (with $10,000 up-front ... $4,000 a year positive cash flow ... and $40,000 back-end profit!)

This interview is pure gold. Why? Because Daryl and Barbara - who were in exactly the same situation as you just a few short months ago - explain exactly how they did it.






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"Rick is a great guy. What other guy would sell you a Wrap Pack and then give you his mobile phone number and talk to you for half and hour, no worries? It doesn’t end there because you can speak to him endless times. He is like the Bible, he knows everything about wrapping. He is an invaluable person to know at this level. I can see myself bounding ahead from what I have learnt from Rick Otton and the Wrap Pack."

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